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Chapter Three

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Wherein Fyvush Finkel says, "You've been making eyes at their buttocks area."

The hallway. Kevin drags Cheryl Holt into a side corridor and tells her not to print what she overheard. "I'm not looking to out anyone, Mr. Riley. But if the football team won't shower with someone because he's checking out a lineman's cottage-cheese glutes? That's news." She may be right this time, actually, sort of, but outing Bobby in print would still be censurable, I think. Kevin explains the whole thing about B.C. being Jesuit, which we HEARD ALREADY, and also expresses concerns about Bobby's potential ostracism at Winslow. "Things have changed since you were in high school," says Cheryl. "Gay kids are more popular than football players." That is only true in very, very rare cases, and not, to my knowledge, generally the case at large public high schools. But what do I know? I don't go to high school in the fake TV universe. Kevin scores some points with a pair of dead-on observations. "Things haven't changed that much," he says. "Look, you know what it's like to feel alienated at this place, Cheryl. Show Bobby Renfro some compassion." Cheryl doesn't think compassion and journalism are compatible, and Kevin suggests that she's wrong. We'll see. As always, the scene ends with the character who didn't walk away scrunching up his eyes and massaging his forehead.

A classroom. Lipschultz has assembled the football team, and gives them the following speech: "When I was a young boy, there was this baseball player. And the players didn't want him to play because he was different. But when he finally did make it into the game, they found that he could hit, and run, and catch better than all of them. His name was Jackie Robinson. And he paved the way for the black man to get into the game of baseball, making it a better game. What if it were to turn out that this homosexual could run faster, hit harder, and throooooow that football straighter? We won't know that, we won't know that unless that first team of courage invites him to join the game, and I would like to think that that team of courage lives right here at Winslow High. Gentlemen, there is nothing more American than football. Be proud. Welcome the gay linebacker into your shower." This is a great speech. I hope Coach Kevin doesn't get upset about it.

Steven's Office. Anthony Heald is prepping him for the big meeting. Apparently, the Dragon Lady feels vulnerable on the fingerprint issue, and will likely concentrate on Malcolm White getting slammed against the lockers and Harry Senate discharging firearms in class. "I can't get a reading on this soccer thing," concludes Scott. "There's some talk of it being your Persian Gulf War, to throw attention elsewhere." Uh-huh. Under normal circumstances, he'd have been lenient with the fifteen participants in the academic fraud ring. Steven sighs, and acknowledges at last that this is serious. Scott explains, "Steven, you hold a political position. The principal of the public high school is a political position, you must be political in that room tonight, otherwise..." Blah blah blah, hold your temper, play the game Steven, play the damn game.

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