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Chapter Three

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Wherein Fyvush Finkel says, "You've been making eyes at their buttocks area."

The school, later that night. Steven finds Marla in her classroom, planning her schedule for the next day. "You really threw yourself on a grenade tonight, Marla. Thank you." She demurs, "The reason I have a job, the only reason, is you." She's right about that. Head case. She goes on, taking us to this episode's pithy conclusion, "You have no idea how grateful I am. We're lucky people. What we do -- what -- we're lucky people. It's a beautiful room. Isn't it? Is there anything more magical than a classroom?" This would be more convincing if not for her repeated assertions that she's, "had it, had it, HAD IT! HAD! IT!" But anyway, Steven looks around and says, "No." Hold on. What about a magic store, like the one Giles now owns on Buffy? That's got to be more magical than a classroom. Unless she was speaking, like, figuratively, but that would presuppose that David E. Kelley has mastered metaphor. ("David, pookie? Come to bed and I'll show you something more magical than a classroom." "Hold on, just let me re-paste these speeches from episode one into the school board meeting scene...") Steven leaves Marla alone in her magic classroom, and we fade sweetly out.

Elsewhere in the school, Big Boy is spanking Dana Poole. Wait, no. The episode is over. I was just hoping for something interesting and unexpected.

Next week: Lauren sees a student using dirty tricks to win an election (oh, how unexpectedly topical), emphasis on the dirty; a student skit mocks Anthony Heald; Harry Senate lets a kid name Juan teach his class about premature ejaculation.

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