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Chapter Twelve

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Finkel Finkel little star: "These girls grow up so fast. And they all want us."

Props to the world. All the boys and girls. Props to the fishes in the deep blue sea. Props to you and me.

Previously on Boston Public: Cheryl made a cartoon of Milton and Lisa; Steven grilled Milton about it and Milton lied; Milton told Kevin that he's in love with Lisa and Kevin told him he'd lose his job; Lisa's butt calls Scott Guber's machine; Scott accused Milton of having sex, and told him he wouldn't be working at Winslow High much longer; Kevin enlisted The Blob to wrestle on the team, and she kicked ass.

To the off-beat strains of Eminem, Harry drives to school. But, uh-oh, what's that? It's a bunch of kids scaling and leaping over a nearby chain link fence. Harry nearly hits the one in the lead, who looks fearfully back over his shoulder and sprints away. The others pursue him, wielding baseball bats and the like. Harry helpfully yells, "Hey!" Then, he gets out of his car, grabs his umbrella (buh?), and gives chase. One might ask what sane man would do such a thing. Then answers is: no sane man. But I'm guessing that Harry recognized the kid he almost hit, since we will soon learn that said kid is a student at Winslow High. Anyhow, Harry runs after the pursuing mob, who are in turn running after the frightened lamb. All the kids, by the way, are wearing the deep blue bandanas and jackets, which means they are not Bloods, if you get my drift. The "gang" of pursuers catches up with their prey on some bleachers, hold him down, and surround him, while one prepares to, it looks like, smash his knees with the bat. "You think this is some kinda game?" says, perhaps, the leader. "This ain't no damn game, cuz!" He gets ready to "do" this unfortunate soul's legs: "This'll keep you from runnin' off on us." Just in time, Harry appears, his trusty umbrella in his hand. "Hey!" he says again. Which, I guess, is his battle cry. "Does it look like rain today, old man?" Harry claims to have called security, which is a lie, but it works, and the gang saunters menacingly past him and away. "Doesn't look like rain to me," says the leader, which, if it's supposed to be some kind of threat, is a kind of vague one. Harry helps up the fallen kid, whose name turns out to be Tyron.

Opening credits. I have nothing to say about them this week. Oh, except, do you remember that episode of Friends where the two bullies won't let Ross and Chandler drink at Central Perk? One of the bullies, a scrawny guy with a goatee, steals Chandler's hat. And who played that scrawny guy? Nicky "Harry Senate" Katt. And look at him now: the crusading hero of his own show. American dream? I think so.

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