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Chapter Twenty-Eight

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Previously on Boston Public: Steven found out that The Exposition Fairy was also The Dear Helen Fairy; The Hook Lady had a beef with Marla; Steven and X fought about how to raise Brooke; Brooke worried that she and Steven would hate each other if she enrolled at Winslow, and he seemed to think that that would be "a start" in some way.

The Hook Lady's classroom -- since, apparently, she's no longer just an assistant, because there's no sign of the person she supposedly assists. Scott comes in and notes that her hook is missing. "It's been stolen." Apparently, the students in the current events class saw her take it off and put it in a drawer, so she thinks the culprit is one of them. Scott is on the case, investigation this, insurance that, but The Nub Lady says, "It isn't so much even that. I've been so desperate to believe that it's nothing, that there are many amputees…I've been so quick to believe that we fit seamlessly into the fabric of society. But we don't, Scott." He assures her that that's not true, but she remains unconvinced. "Yes, it is. They call me The Hook Lady. I have to face it, Scott. I'm a freak." He smiles and strokes her face as if to say, "Yeah, baby. But you're MY freak."

And she's also in the opening credits now. And there's a new picture of Rashida Jones in which she looks way hotter. So, good news all around. (Though, you know, not for the GGGs in the forum, but personally, I'm just happy to see Scott happy).

Sanctum Stevenorium. Steven is cautioning Anthony Heald not to take rash action just because the stolen hook belongs to his girly-friend. "Why are you fighting me on this, Steven?" "Because you're talking about going into a lockdown, and that's ridiculous…the students will have too much fun with this: the vice-principal on a mad quest to locate his lover's hook?" Touché. Steven tells him to first just address the current events class, where the culprit probably is, and go from there. Just then, The Exposition Fairy leads a couple of parents in, accompanied by the police. They're here, apparently, to have a student arrested for statutory rape. "I walked in on him last night with my daughter. She's not even sixteen." Yada yada, the boy is eighteen, and it's a crime, and this dad wants the kid arrested. The mom doesn't say anything. She just looks furtively back and forth between Steven and her husband, so I get the feeling she's not quite so into this whole arresting idea as he is. Like, maybe she actually listened to her daughter, about how the sex was consensual, and that she loves this boy, and maybe Mom remembers having sex at fifteen herself, and so…well. I'm getting a bit ahead of myself. Steven asks if the sex was consensual, and Hysteri-Dad is all, "She's not competent to give consent. She's underage." Steven foolishly advances the argument that underage sex is common, which is not really relevant. As Hysteri-Dad points out, "A crime had been committed. The police are here to arrest the perpetrator. Surely, you don't wish to harbor a fugitive?" Steven tells The Exposition Fairy to go find out the boy's whereabouts, but Scott pulls Steven aside and convinces him to let the police arrest the boy in class: "This is an easy but dramatic way to set an example." The Exposition Fairy comes back to report that the kid is in Ronnie Cooke's class. Steven's all: "You can take him." But he's shaking his head and rolling his eyes, like he knows it's the worst idea ever.

The hallway outside the dungeon. Apparently, a rave is going on. Techno is playing, students are dancing…this is inside the school, people, in the hallway. I mean, it's near the dungeon, but still. Anyway, Dick Teachie comes down the stairs into the middle of the fray, not that any students react, or take notice, or seem to care. He pulls some people apart, and gently smacks some people around. He finds Brooke Harper gettin' freaky with some dude, and says, "Your father would be proud." Finally, he gets the music turned off, and notices some kid twitching on the floor. At first, he seems to think that this is some sort of dance move, but actually, no, the kid is having a dangerous drug reaction. This becomes clear when we see that the kid who played the stand-in on Grosse Pointe is nearby. He's always near drugs! He's also playing a character named Ferris. Dick Teachie's all, "He's burnin' up. You wanna tell me what he's on? He took something, we both know it, you wanna tell me or you wanna let him die?" Ferris reveals that Randy, the twitching boy, took X. Not to be confused with X, the woman to whom Steven used to be.

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