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Chapter Twenty-Eight

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And now: hand-funeral time. Scott, Therapist McMustache, Marla, Steven, Jeremy, and of course The Nub Lady herself are all in attendance. Jeremy gives a hilarious speech: "I, of course, held my mother's hand many times while it was still attached to her. I've been disciplined by it, caressed by it. A mother's love…but, mostly, my mother and I…our relationship deteriorated to the point that I locked her in the basement, and in an effort to escape she accidentally cut the hand off. I feel responsible. But as a result of this tragedy, we both went into therapy. We repaired our relationship. And I like to think that, with this hand, we bury our troubled past." What's especially funny is the look on Steven's face, since I think much of this is news to him, and he probably also regrets all those times he told Marilyn she was crazy. Also, it kind of makes no sense that Marilyn has dropped totally out of The Hook Lady arc, given how it started. I mean, yeah, sure, her pregnancy and so on, but still -- for the character, I mean. Meanwhile, Jeremy is still talking: "I love you. And I'm sorry for what I've done. And I love you." Now, the hand is placed into the ground in accordance with Orthodox Jewish tradition, and the Therapist, who is, in a not at all inappropriate dual role, acting as the minister or something, asks if anyone else would like to speak. Steven and Marla demur. Scott steps forward. The gist? We love you, Hook Lady, and we're your friends. And we will be there for you. We're your friends. Several people get moist around the eyes.

Montage. DaveKelley's Child sings "Lean On Me" in the music room, with their patented brand of flat three-part harmony. In her apartment, Ronnie looks pensive and sexy. At Chez Peters, Scott, Meredith, and Jeremy eat a happy meal together. Wait, doesn't Jeremy have a crazy streak that will make him want to kill Scott? Oh well. And the Harpers -- Brooke, Steven, and X -- hold hands and ice-skate together. Awwww.

Next week: Brooke thinks that Steven and X are getting back together; Lauren is surprised; Dr. Benjamin does a wilder version of Our Town then Scott expected; Harry has a student with leukemia.

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