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Chapter Twenty-Eight

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Sanctum Stevenorium. The Exposition Fairy comes in. "Did you see today's column? I admitted my identity and apologized to the entire school." Steven's all, "Mm-hm." She says, "I can't take us not talking, Steven. We always talk." Buh? Last week, she was all, "All I do is tell you who's waiting." Now we've invented a convenient backstory that did not previously exist. Anyway, Steven says, "Can we talk without you crying?" HA HA HA HA! Oh, that stupid crying secretary. He says, "Nobody believes more than I do in the need for sex education. There were many ways you could have gone about addressing the issue. You picked fraud." Wait, didn't we, um, what's the word…SEE THIS ALREADY? Yes, we did. Last. Week. She says she never would have been allowed to participate, being a secretary, and he's all, "Well, the fact that you would choose deceit as a means of bolstering your self-worth…" She insists that it wasn't about that, but he's got a point. If she just wanted the information out there, then why does it matter whether she's involved or not? Insisting on her own involvement does smack of ego. But then he goes a bit too far: "And now I see we can add denial to your psychological wreckage." She says, "You don't get to talk to me like that." And then he's like, "Is honesty out of bounds?" And she's like, "No, but cruelty is." Zing! Sorry, got a little carried away by the snappy dialogue. "I was trying to help. And if I was misguided…fine. Don't call me psychological wreckage." Well, technically, he said that she HAS psychological wreckage. And who doesn't, really? Mine is in a bag in my closet, but it's there. Steven tells her she needs to get counseling, "and if this job doesn't make you happy, you need to move on." She asks how he can be so cold, and he says, "Because I care about you. And if I didn't talk to you this way now, twenty years down the road, you'd hate me for it."

Vice-office. Scott, hard at work as per usual. The Nub Lady enters. "I don't know whether to be angry with you for making such a scene, or to be grateful for the way you stuck up for me." He notes that she is still not wearing her hook, and she says she can't even look at it right now, and isn't sure why. "Maybe it just remind me that I'm…" He says, "You're not a freak." She says, "Um. I was going to say, 'That I'm a very wonderful person,' but thanks, jerk." No, actually, she says, "I guess I just miss my hand. Sometimes I forget, and I go to grab something, or I have dreams that I have both my hands and I'm knitting…" Blah blah blah monologue-cakes. Ending with: "But it's not there. It's in Jeremy's room, in a jar." Heh. Scott says, "I think, perhaps, we should continue with our therapy." That sounds sweet, but I don't know exactly how that's a response to what she said. I'd get "continue with YOUR therapy," but I don't know why he needs therapy about her lost hand.

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