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Chapter Twenty-Eight

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Rave against the machine

Sanctum. Scott is asking Steven for some time off in the middle of the day. Steven's all, "Scott, I have no problem with you going to therapy, but during school hours?" Scott says he's trying to get weekend appointments. That had a point. Then Ronnie storms in. "Marshall Fulton has been an extremely tough case." Yeah, she's been sweating tears of blood for the three and a half minutes she's been teaching him. Anyway, "he didn't do any assignments for the first two weeks. He basically thought of high school as a holding pen until he could go stand in a welfare line. His parents are divorced, and there's not a lot of support at home, and I have done a pretty good job, believe it or not, of convincing him to have a modicum of self-esteem. That was yesterday. Today he feels like criminal." Steven points out that it's a crime, Ronnie points out that Marshall is being selectively prosecuted, and Steven points out that that's because he got caught. And that it's a huge problem at Winslow: "We've got seniors thinking it's cool to sleep with freshmen." Hey, no amount of arrests is going to change that. Anyway, Ronnie thinks it's a huge mistake to single out this boy. "Marshall Fulton needs to feel that he is something." Um, well, now he feels that he's a rapist. "And by that, I don't mean a rapist." Oh. She has persuaded Steven, anyway, who says that if she can convince the parents to relent, "the D.A. will probably kick it. But you never heard me say that." But wait -- if the D.A. kicks it then it'll never go to court! What kind of legal show is this? Oh, right, it's a show about a school, I think.

Dick Teachie's class. On the board, there's an assignment for reading some chapters in Aldous Huxley's Brave New World. He's explaining to his students that Randy is not going to die, but he almost did. "Is it worth it?" he asks Ferris, who is magically now in this class, for the sake of convenience. Ferris is all, "Why look at me? I don't take X." Dick Teachie's like, oh yeah, well, I bet you don't go to raves either. "Raves aren't illegal." Oh, yeah, says Dick Teachie, but the drugs you buy at them are. Um, okay, but he just said he doesn't do drugs. I mean, he was lying, but that still doesn't mean you caught him in some clever web of logic. Then he explains that Randy didn't actually take X at all, but rather something much stronger that someone told him was X. This will become important later, to the extent that anything is ever "important" on this show. Talk Time tries to explain why people go to raves. (I love, by the way, how the students in this school are teacher-specific: Talk Time ONLY has Dick Teachie; Lionel is ALWAYS in Harvey's class; The Hook Lady's current events class meets ALL DAY.) She says, "For the dancing. To hook up. Not to do drugs." So why the X? "To roll. It's a good drug if you're quiet or shy. Not that I am." Brooke "Mini-Stee" Harper is now magically in this class, too, and is all, "It's not like we're talking about crack, or heroin, or anything serious." Wow, she bugs. Also, what part of "Randy almost died" is not serious to her? I guess the "Randy" part. Anyway, Dick Teachie's main point seems to be that it's especially dumb to put something into your body if you don't know what it is. Words to live by, kids. "Randy almost died, okay?" he says. "Is that sinking in?" Brooke has a look like, "Randy…? Almost…? Died…? I hear the words, and yet…I mean, we're not talking about anything serious."

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