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Chapter Twenty-Eight

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Rave against the machine

Rave New World. A warehouse. Colored lights, techno beats, arms waving in the air like the people to whom the arms are attached just don't care. The Harper Image is here, dancing, and she runs into two girlfriends, and they have one of those shouted party-conversations: "HEY!" "HEY! WHO WAS THAT GUY YOU WERE DANCING WITH!?" And so on. Anyhow, one of the girls has a little plastic baggie with some little pills in it. Brooke's like, "WHERE'D YOU GET THAT???" "SOME GUY!!! DOES IT MATTER???" She's like, whatever, no.

Sanctum. "You wanna run that by me again?" Scott is asking Steven to come to The Nub Lady's hand-funeral. "Steven, look. Meredith is a very lonely person. If nobody attends, I'm afraid it will only exacerbate her sense of isolation." Steven is reluctant, but Scott is gently persistent, which is a good tack for him. "She asked me to invite a few people who I'm close to. See, I'm supposed to be mourning the loss as well." I'll bet he is. "It's important to her. And, by extension, to me. I don't ask much." Yeah, just time off during school, and latitude for his administrative whims, but whatever -- Steven agrees. Just then, Daughter of Harper comes in, accompanied by two cops. One of them says, "Your daughter committed statutory rape." Well, no, but that would be way funnier. Really, they found a drug-testing kit on her when a car she was in ran a stop sign -- the kind that kids use to text X, apparently. "There was nobody at her home, and she had us bring her here." The cops leave. Steven says, "Scott, could you leave us alone for a moment." The Heartbeat Of Impending Confrontation takes us into commercial. I think it always does, actually, by the second commercial break, right?

After the commercial, we're right back here. "I was at a party! I have friends! I was just looking out for them. Mr. Hanson said it was stupid to take drugs unless you knew what they were, and I agreed. Then he told us about some kits you could use to test the stuff out, so I got one." Steven wonders if he has heard her correctly. Uh oh. Dick Teachie's in trouble. "He wasn't saying that drugs were okay, so don't be going off on him." Oh, that's going to work. Thanks, Brooke. Steven asks if X knows about the X, and Brooke says that X is on a business trip. Got it?

Music room. Marla, Marilyn, and The Exposition Fairy sing together in sweet, sweet harmony. Marilyn accuses somebody of being flat. They argue over who was flat. Scott and The Nub Lady come in, and compliment them on the singing. When Scott then tries to leave, The Nub Lady hesitates, and then goes up to Marla and invites her to the hand-burial. Marla hesitates, but agrees. Scott sighs in the background. The Nub Lady is happy.

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