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Chapter Twenty-Eight

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Rave against the machine

Vice-office. Scott is interrogating one of his hook-nabbing suspects, but cannot crack him. He sends the kid back to class. Steven comes in. "Anything?" "Nothing." "You'll get the culprit, Scott, I have faith in you." Scott asks if he's losing "credibility" for going along with the hand-funeral. Um…credibility with whom? The students? The faculty? I mean, I love you, Scott, but not a lot to lose there. Unless we're to believe that popularity award thing from last year, which was clearly just a parting gift from Cheryl Holt. Anyway, Steven is very supportive: "You care about this woman. And you're helping her deal with a traumatic event. We should all act so silly."

Ronnie's room. Hysteri-Dad comes in. He talked to the D.A. and learned that Ronnie was right, that she might actually be able to force a messy public trial. "So I'm going to relent. But my rage…" Blah blah, turning a blind eye, the school is guilty, yadda blah bleh bloooooooo…ooooooo…does anybody care about this shmoe? Dude. Talk to your fucking daughter about responsible sex and stop attacking everybody else. But no, instead he says, "While I am not going to come after the boy…I may decide to come after you." He turns and walks out, passing Marshall, who is on his way in to thank Ronnie. "Not sure why you fought for me. Didn't even think we liked each other that much." She tells him that what he does with his second chance is up to him. Maybe he should learn how to use the first words of sentences.

Delineation Alley. "A band?" Steven asks incredulously. It seems The Exposition Fairy has just told him about DaveKelley's Child, so he's trying to be supportive of her new outlet by mocking it. She's all, "Don't worry, I don't plan to go on tour." X appears and flags Steven down, saying they need to talk to Brooke again. He says he'll pull her out of class, but X is all, "Actually, I was thinking, maybe we could all get dinner tonight." Steven's all, "Oh. Am I reading anything else into this?" He's asking her? I think he means, "Should I read anything else into this?" She's like, "No, I just thought it might be nice to take that walk she spoke of." X walks away, and Steven smiles.

The lounge. Harry Senate comes in. Maybe it's because Jeri Ryan is in the foreground but, seriously, he looks like an elf. I never realized how small he is until right now. Anyway, since his role on the show is now to give Ronnie advice, he grabs a soda from the fridge, and says, "It's not the parents who are the enemy. It's just that sometimes they can be." Thanks, Confucius. That's supposed to be wisdom? ("Sometimes you get the bear…on the times that you get him." "The apple never falls…unless overcome by the force of gravity." "Don't count your chickens…without a reliable numbering system.") Anyway, Harry supports what Ronnie did today. They share a silent teacher-solidarity moment.

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