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Chapter Twenty-Five

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I'm...hooked on Scott Guber...and on how he says, "Look at meeeeeee."

Previously on Boston Public: A cop found a severed foot in Jamaal's locker; Harry vouched for Jamaal; Harvey called a student a big dick; Yo-lita told Lauren that she was pregnant; Steven told Yo-lita she'd be sent to a continuation school; Yo-lita "took care of" the pregnancy; Dr. Benjamin and Jeremy Peters dissected a hand together; Dick Teachie and Marilyn tracked down Mrs. Peters, and found that the hand belonged to her; Mrs. Peters asked for Scott's advice on fitting in at Winslow High.

This show always has the longest "previously" segments, as though they expect all of the viewers to be totally unfamiliar with the show each week. Maybe that's based on some sort of Nielsen data.

It's nighttime on the streets of Boston. Scott is out in front of Chez Peters, chatting with The Hook Lady. "I actually made a list," he's saying, "of paths most commensurate with being hated. I wrote down 'assistant principal' and never looked back." The Hook Lady counters, "In high school, I was voted most likely to have a house drop on me." Banter, banter. Then Scott says, "Awkward pause." The Hook Lady observes that he's nervous, and that he wasn't nervous at dinner. "Well, at dinner the order of procedure is clear. You order, you eat. Here…well, it's been a long time since I've stood at a woman's door, after an evening out." She invites him in for a cookie, and he gets more nervous and declines, and she observes that he's very nervous (which is no doubt helping). "You're very sweet, I didn't figure you for sweet. Well…if you're not going to come in, I guess this is goodnight." She smooches him demurely on the cheek, waves farewell with her hook, and goes inside. Scott is a bit shaken. Hmm. She seems to really have gotten her hooks into him. Oh, stop it.

Dat school bus is MAD yellow, B!

The hallway. Anthony Heald is telling Steven about his non-date date, and Steven says he has no problem, in principle, with Scott seeing another teacher, but: "Now, Mrs. Peters? She could be an ax murderer." Scott says she's just misunderstood. As they walk by Harvey's classroom, the camera becomes bored with their conversation, and wanders through the open door.

Good thing, too, because Harvey's class is more exciting. He's yelling at poor Mr. Pratt again for being unprepared. "You have a problem? You have AT&T?" Heh. "I've seen these symptoms before. I may be mistaken, but from the signs I see, it's possible you may be a douchebag. It would be wrong for me to think you're lazy and unintelligent, if that's not the case." Mr. Pratt squirms. The other students look uncomfortable.

Back in the hallway, Danny "I Get To Meet Captain Kirk" Hanson is asking Ronnie "Fortunately, I Never Crossed Paths With Captain Kirk" Cooke how much she made as a lawyer. Apparently, it was $190,000. "A year?" "No, a night. I'm really good." Steven appears, and flags down Marla. He tells her that, because the students turn a deaf ear to him, she has to give the annual "gun lecture" this year. She is reluctant, but he insists. Then he moves on to Lauren, and tells her to send Yo-lita in to see him later that day. Then it's Steven's turn to be flagged down when The Hook Lady appears, and asks him about (uh-oh!) the sexual advice column in the school paper. Does this arc have the slowest burn ever, or what? She objects to it on some grounds or other, and Steven says, "Well, perhaps you could discuss it with the vice-principal, over dinner." Heh. The Hook Lady, who is never amused by anything, is not amused.

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