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Chapter Twenty-Four

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I wanna, like, go to a challengin' school, and stuff

Previously on Boston Public: Some girl started the Fat Girls club and asked Marla to be the sponsor, and she freaked out; Jeremy Peters dissected a hand with his science teacher; Marilyn reiterated the Jeremy Peters and Mother and Basement story to Danny Hanson; Marilyn and Danny went to Chez Peters and learned Mrs. Peters was missing a hand; Ronnie Cooke dramatically walked into the office and announced that she wants to be a teacher.

At a swanky restaurant, Ronnie "Borg to be Wild" Cooke is having dinner with Billy Zane. Maybe they're back together. Or not. Anyway, it seems David Kelley is bored of having him be unsupportive because, since the last episode, he's pulled a complete 180 and is now telling Ronnie how proud he is of her. Then he asks, "So they just let you teach, without any qualifications?" She explains that she has to take a course, but gets an emergency credential in the meantime due to the teacher shortage.

Ronnie and Billy Zane go to their law office, where Ronnie is going to clear out her desk. They banter about how they're compatible in only one way, and about the time they almost…you know…right here in the office (how naughty!), and she teasingly suggests that maybe that's how she wants to go out, but he knows she's teasing, blah blah blah I'm-here-to-sex-up-the-show-cakes.

In her office, Ronnie cleans out her desk. Then she gets this mischievous look, and starts to take off her clothes.

Ronnie wanders through the office in a half-open button-down shirt, searching for Billy Zane. Suddenly, he jumps out of hiding with a bottle of champagne. Followed by five dozen other people. It's a surprise party. Ronnie is embarrassed as everybody looks at her strangely. For some reason I cannot fathom, Scott Guber is there, and his jaw hits the floor at the sight of Ronnie in the very nearly all-together. Why is he at her farewell-from-law-office party? Maybe because he's a lawyer or something? Ah, never mind.

Does anybody know the rules, by the way, of opening credit designation? Like, why Fyvush Finkel is "and," or why Michael Rapaport is "with"? Just wondering. Also: Nicky Katt is in the new Richard Linklater movie Waking Life, which is also, like, the coolest thing to watch ever. It totally altered my state of mind for the next twenty-four hours. Anyway, Nicky is in this one part where four guys (also including Adam Goldberg) walk down the street spouting theory, and see this other guy up in a tree for no reason, and then they observe that that guy's no worse than them, because he's all action and no theory, but they're all theory and no action. Just see the movie. It's not about anything…or is it…about EVERYTHING?

Awwww yeah. Winslow High, boyeee.

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