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Chapter Twenty-Four

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I wanna, like, go to a challengin' school, and stuff

Harry "All Theory, No Action" Senate walks the halls with Ronnie. She's just told him her mortifying story, and he wants to know what Scott was doing there. "Apparently, he's friends with one of the partners." Ah, I see. So he gets invited to the surprise going-away party for a woman he barely knows. I see. Just then, Scott appears, and rather winningly explains that what he saw will have no bearing on her job at Winslow, but "you will be expected to remain clothed at all times during school hours." Heh. But then, as Harry and Ronnie walk away, Scott remains visible in the background, not moving, staring at her. Thinking, "Look at me. Look at me, Ms. Cooke." Steven chases down Harry and Ronnie, and explains that some teacher named Mr. Liston is out, so Steven is placing Ronnie in charge of his class. Harry counters that that class is "half-remedial" and there's kids in there who would be in the dungeon if there were room, and he's "throwing an inexperienced teacher to the wolves." Steven counter-counters that if he put an uncredentialed teacher in a regular class, then parents would be "crawling up [his] colon." Did the censors ban the word "ass" over the summer, because in the last episode, didn't Steven use the phrase "bottom in the fire"? Just checking. Anyway, he also explains that he chose Ronnie because "the book on you is that you're tough."

Steven passes Lauren as he walks away from Ronnie and Harry, and we follow her (Lauren) as she runs into a student of hers, Denise, who's got a Princeton interview today, and "thought I should look all classy and stuff, you know." Lauren says that she has some delicate advice, and Denise says, "You can say it, Ms. Davis, you're like a big sister to me, and stuff." Lauren tells Denise that she needs to "exercise care" with her speech, because her thick Brooklyn accent (which she has for some reason) and use of words like "stuff" and "you know," and inability to pronounce the "g" in her "-ing" words, will make the wrong impression on the Princeton interviewer. Lauren seems to think that straight A's are less important than trying to sound smart in your interview. This is really bad advice. The interview isn't really to see how smart you sound and, in fact, "tried to sound smart" is not something you want your interviewer writing down. The point of the interview is to see if you're a normal person who can carry on a conversation, and be good-natured, and funny, and MORE than just an A student. Then again, maybe Princeton does have a policy of only accepting people with Mayflower roots, whose inbreeding has rendered them unable to part their teeth or bend their knees. Right, Sars? ["No, that's Harvard." -- Sars] Anyway, Denise is all nervous, and has been pukin' and stuff all morning, and doesn't know if she can talk different. "Differently," corrects Lauren.

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