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Chapter Twenty-Nine

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Oscar was Wilde, but Thornton was Wilder

The Stairwell Of Deep Conversations. Scott is telling Steven about the hot guy-on-guy action he witnessed. (Sars, just think how my use of that phrase will expand our visibility on web searches! ["Uh…'thanks'?" -- Sars]) Steven tells him that, if he's trying to win Jeremy's trust, keeping his confidence might be a good way to do that. Scott's all, "Ech. I'm so befuddled." No, really, he says befuddled.

Night snowy basketball. So you know Max is here. Harry shows up and makes like he's the smart lesbian one from Scooby Doo, like he's put together all these clues. "You're not in remission anymore. That's what the nosebleed was about. That's why this last paper was suddenly about death." ("Good show, Poirot." "Thank you, Captain Hastings.") Max cops to it. "My remissions are getting shorter and shorter, Mr. Senate. And the doctor said that if I come out of it again, I'll die." Harry's all, "So you haven't even been to a doctor yet?" Max says that he will, soon, after the holidays. "Look, this has been a very long thing. I know the situation. My parents, my brother, my little sister. I just want them to have this Christmas thinking everything is fine. They need this. I need this. I mean, I want to have this Christmas without them crying, or looking at me like…I'm gonna wait 'til after the holidays, and then I'm gonna deal." Harry broods under the weight of knowledge he is not meant to have. YAY! Oh, it's so good to see that.

X gazes at the snow falling gently outside Steven's window. Then she tells him that she and Brooke are not staying for the pageant. They're going home. "I figured." She takes a few steps towards him and says, "Do you want to come home too? If we tried again, and failed, it would be too devastating for her, I know. But, then again, if we made it…I think…we should at least think about it." He sighs, with resignation, and says, "For Brooke?" She says, "For Brooke. For me." Suddenly, he perks up. "You want to think about it?" "Yeah!" She tells him that tonight they're going to decorate the tree, and does he need to go to the pageant? No.

Delineation Alley. Dick Teachie and Ronnie stride along as he offers a sympathetic ear, having recently gone through a break-up of his own. She's like, no big, it's just Billy Zane. Then, as they're about to head into the hustle and bustle of the pageant, Talk Time appears. She made him a present. It's a stocking that says "Dick Teachie" on it. Or, you know, whatever his real name is, I forget. Then she hands him a card, "because I didn't trust myself to say what I feel without crying. I…well, I…just read the stupid card. Thank you, Mr. Hanson. All those people who say that teachers don't care…I wish I could show 'em your picture. And I…just read the card, I'm late for the show."

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