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Finkel on Guber: "He is the finest educator I have ever known."

Props to my new close personal friend Fyvush Finkel, as old and warm and funny-looking in real life as he is on the show. How do I know him, you ask? Oh, how I know him. Let me count the ways. You haven’t been reading the forums. Anyhow, on to "Chapter Twenty-One," the penultimate episode of the season.

Previously on Boston Public: Lauren slept with a former student; she was turned on by being called Ms. Davis…um…during; Marla told Lauren that she was wack for getting off on that; Marilyn told Steven to ask Mrs. Peters why she keeps her son locked in the basement; Mrs. Peters told Marilyn to leave her alone; Jeremy sat in the basement looking super-crazy.

Boston by night, to phat urban beats. Lauren “Still Whorin’” Davis is critiquing the history textbook that her boy-toy “Cocker” Daniel Evans is writing. See, because he’s devoted to Whorin’ like a puppy. Anyway, we remember that he’s making up, like, some magical new way of teaching history. Good for him. Except it sounds pretty stupid, because Whorin’ is saying, “You can’t leave out events you deem unimportant!” Daniel tries to defend his stupid book on the grounds that it’s “progressive,” but Whorin’ reminds him how hard it is to sell a new textbook, and gets all stern, so he says, “I love it when you lecture me.” Um. Ew. Then they smooch. Whorin’ asks for coffee, and Cocker Daniel says, “My book shouldn’t need coffee.” Okay, I think Whorin’ wanted the coffee for herself, not for the book. What you mean is, “Reading my book shouldn’t require coffee,” but who cares, you’re only trying to be a PROFESSIONAL TEXTBOOK WRITER. Then he says, “It should be stimulating. And so should I be.” You be have the goodest grammar of all, Daniel. Cocker goes to fetch the coffee, and Whorin’ takes a moment to snoop around among his personal belongings. What she finds is a photo album, which seems to contain nothing but photos of her: Whorin’ drinking coffee; Whorin’ holding coffee; Whorin’ outside a café; Whorin' with Harry in and around various cafés, Whorin’ in a baseball cap, on a bench, drinking coffee. Starbucks official sponsor: Whorin’ Davis. Anyway, it’s very creepy. So when Cocker Daniel returns with coffee, even though the photos seem to indicate that Whorin’ already drinks nine gallons every day, she quickly stuffs the album back on the shelf from whence she swiped it. Then she acts all weird and says she’s tired and wants to go home to her place and sleep. Wait, this is his place? Isn’t he a senior in college? Nice giant apartment that you live in alone, dude. That’s realistic. Anyhow, Whorin’ escapes from Daniel’s lair, and he looks, perplexed, at the door as it slams in his face. Cocker Daniel? More like Stalker Daniel.

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