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Chapter Twenty-Seven

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"I remember cream nights."

A classroom. The Hook Lady is using her hook to hold a small piece of chalk and write on the board. Also, I say "a classroom" because it cannot be her classroom, since she only assistant-teaches. Anyway, Scott comes in and asks her to the symphony. She's all, "Scott, I think you and I should maybe take a break." Oh no! "Why?" The Hook Lady says that she sensed his nervousness, and somewhat accepts his explanation for why he rejected her, but she doesn't accept it totally. "You think I'm gay." Heh. But no, she thinks that "on some level you maybe don't approve of me. You think I'm…aberrant." Scott protests, but she won't hear it. "Aberrant," eh? What a strange thing for her to think. Then she turns back to the board, using the hook which she got when she severed her own hand with a chainsaw trying to free herself from the chair in the basement she'd been handcuffed to by her son, to write on the board some more. "Aberrant"? Where'd she get that from? Scott goes to the door, but hesitates. "I have an appointment with Dr. Coburn tomorrow. Maybe we could both go together."

Sanctum Stevenorium. The Exposition Fairy, with Marla by her side, is facing the music. Wait, hold on…Marla? What's SHE doing here? This is what Steven wants to know. "She asked me to join her. Like it or not, Steven, sex is a big part of students' lives here, and we don't really address it." I think what she means is that it's a big part of the lives of the students who go there. The way she said it, it sounded like sex is a big part of the time they spend at Winslow High, which is only true for a select few (Lisa "My Fair-lita" Greer; the student council election girl, um…Blow-lita; and the girl last week who was trying to have a breast orgasm in the hallway. And Lauren Davis and Stalker Daniel. Or was that just a dream Stalker Daniel had? Anyway). Steven explains why he doesn't like what happened, blah blah blah fraud-cakes. He also points out that there were other options, like an openly faculty-written column, or a student newsletter organized under the auspices of the administration…something legal, since, in principle, he supports a column of this type. But she says, "I guess I wanted to do it. I thought I'd be good at it. Steven…all I do here is answer phones, and tell you who's waiting." Awww. Steven's all, "So this was ego. Fraud. Motivated by ego." The Exposition Fairy leaves. Marla says, "Don't ever underestimate the despair of feeling like you have no purpose." Then she gives this whole speech about how she's realized she does just that with various issues -- seizes on them, to feel important. Steven says he doesn't care. "'Cause you're a fat, bald grump, that's why. Steven, you walk around every day, doling out second chances. I think Louisa's entitled to one. Don't you?" He grumps, fatly and baldly.

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