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Chapter Twenty-Six

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By Hook or by Brooke

Delineation Alley. Harvey struts along, pleased with himself.

Dick Teachie's room. "It was dismissed without prejudice." Talk Time wants to know what that means. "Well, as I understand it: Lionel, you're free to sue again if your damages become real. The judge just didn't buy 'putative.' But, hey, for my money, we won. The school has an incentive to see you go to college now. And it'll be a long time, if ever, before another teacher calls a student here a dick. I'm proud of all of you…" Pep pep pep, and so on. He's frigging Knute Rockne.

The Un-geon. Ronnie is comforting poor Billy Zane, who found the laughter "culturally depressing. I mean, it would be one thing if I was bad, but I so totally nailed that. I mean, you'd tell me if I was bad, right?" She says she would. "I shouldn't have picked 'A Time For Us.' It's too painful." She agrees. Then bursts out laughing. He finally gets it. "Well…I was funny, right?"

End of the day. Steven walks Mini-Stee out of the school, arguing about whether or not she's allowed to take the bus. She doesn't want a ride from her mom, and gets all, "I have breasts now…I'm old enough to drive…" as though those things render her impervious to the gang violence in the neighborhood. Then she insists that Steven sees a little girl when he looks at her, but a) we've seen no evidence of that, and b) she kind of acts like a little girl. So, basically: Shut up, Brooke. X pulls up to pick her up, and she hugs Steven and gets in the car. He watches her drive off, muttering under his breath, "Goodnight, baby." The camera pulls up into a high crane shot of Winslow High. And…it begins to snow. No, it doesn't, but, you know, it might as well.

Next week: Dick Teachie finds his lady in bed with another guy, and gets arrested for attacking him; Lauren encourages a student to pursue a career as a singer, incurring the wrath of her parents; The Hook Lady invites Scott to spend the night.

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