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Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

On his way out of Hank's driveway, a snarl of purpose creeps across Walt's face. On his way out of the cul-de-sac, he drives up next to Tyrus in his car, pulls out his phone, and places a call to the cops. "I want to report a very suspicious man lurking in my neighborhood," he says, staring Tyrus down the whole way. Tyrus silently stares back, silently enumerating all the ways he'd like to make Walt bleed onto his moccasins (hey, maybe...).

In the parking lot of America's Meth Kitchen, Jesse's waiting for Walt. What he doesn't know is that Walt knows about all the time he's been spending not killing Gus. The trust is gone, and Jesse has no idea. (Of course, the trust might be gone going in the other direction too, so...) Jesse says he already got started on today's cook, so Walt asks for a cigarette. Jesse thinks Walt is being a dick about how Jesse hasn't dosed Gus yet (he is), and he's like, "Yeah, yeah, [the ricin cig] is still in there." He reiterates the lie that he hasn't had an opportunity to use it yet. Walt says he still wants a cigarette. A regular one. He coughs out a puff, proving that this is more a gesture than a genuine wish to smoke. He starts to pry about how Jesse's been lately, specifically what he's been doing with his free time. Jesse's closed off, but he does allow that he's been watching some Ice Road Truckers. Oh, the condescension on Walt's face at this. "What happens in that one?" Walt asks. "Guys drive on ice," Jesse answers. He also promises that he WILL do it -- he will kill Gus. I even think he believes his will ... at some point. He also tells Walt it's a good idea to inhale when he smokes. Doesn't he have enough cancer, though? Walt: "What does it matter? We're both dead men anyway."

At the Car Wash, Skyler is in her office, totaling up receipts. She makes a call to Walt, officially to talk about making low-key plans for Junior's birthday. She says they should bite the bullet and buy him a car. A used car. Credit to Skyler for saying all this without her inflection reminding Walt what a Grade-A asshole he was the last time he bought Junior some wheels. It's probably because she's trying to warm him up for her very casual transition into talking about how well the business is doing. So well that they could probably make it their real business. If they wanted to. Walt, ever the skeptic, asks if she's turning a profit. In another month or two, she says, yes. Maybe it's time to start thinking about an exit strategy? Hope and tears are both welling up in her eyes. Rather than reflexively reject this out of his usual sense of misplaced pride, Walt is instead thoughtful. "I'm working on it," he says. He actually sounds sincere.

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