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Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

Outside, Ted, of course, only has a tenuous grasp on what Skyler did in there. She's like, "Well, I saved your bacon. Pay your back taxes and penalties and move on." Ted starts to whine that he can't pay $600,000+; she's like, "Just figure it out!" But her annoyance gives way to the practicality that defines her. If he can't pay it, he can't pay it. In which case the government once again will be all over their asses. "You HAVE to settle," she tells him. "I wish I could." Skyler's face: a mask of concern and plan-making.

After the break, Jesse fiddles with his cigarette pack, screws up his courage, and rings the doorbell at Gus's suburban abode. Inside, while Gus chops veggies -- slicing garlic, the most sinister of all vegetable preparations -- Jesse eyes the bubbling stew pot and pulls out the ricin. As always, we wonder what kind of psychic/magic intuition Gus has -- does he know Jesse is thinking about killing him? Jesse ultimately declines to add the ricin. It's a practical move as much as anything; Jesse's set to dine on that stew every bit as much as Gus is. Cut to the two men, sitting down for a civilized meal. Jesse asks what he's doing here. Gus knows he has concerns after the shooting yesterday. Yeah, you could say that. Jesse gets shirty about the small matter of a guy getting his brains blown out right in front of him, at which point Gus's friendly façade becomes his mask of anger. He embarks upon a fairly scary preamble. He says he's invited Jesse into his home, cooked them a meal, sat down with him like a civilized person, all so he can give Jesse some reassurance and answer questions about the business ("our business," he reiterates). But first, Jesse must answer this: can he cook Walter's formula? Jesse can see the minefield that this question represents; he knows that if he says yes, he's signing Walt's death warrant. Jesse's angry; part angry that Gus wants him to play a part in Walt's death, but a much bigger part is angry because this officially makes Walt right. Gus didn't see anything in him beyond an opportunity to get rid of Walter. Jesse basically spits Gus's plan back at him. But Gus wants to talk like men? Okay: "If you kill Mr. White, you're gonna have to kill me too." THIS GUY! First of all, "Mr. White"! Not only is he laying his body down on the train tracks for Walt, he's still referring to him like his teacher. I could cry. Gus: "That is not what I asked you." He explains that circumstances with the cartel have become untenable, and he needs Jesse's help to prevent all-out war. So he'll ask again: can Jesse cook Walt's formula?

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