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Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

"So you saw Gus?" Walt accuses. Jesse denies it, saying the order was "passed down" by "Mike and them." In the span of three seconds, Walt asks Jesse about seven times to clarify that he has neither seen nor spoken to Gus. "You weren't at Gus's house last night?" Jesse sputters. Walt forcibly grabs Jesse's cigs, sees the ricin is still there. He demands that Jesse look him in the eye and tell him. Jesse says he didn't have a chance to dose him. One big pot of stew, man! "What was I supposed to do, huh? Poison myself?" No, sweet boy, Walt had you do that last season. Walt calls him a lying little shit; he only had ONE thing to do, and after two hours and eighteen minutes in Gus's house, he still "didn't have the guts" to do it. Jesse, again not an idiot, catches the "two hours, eighteen minutes" thing; how did Walt know? Walt pulls out the tracker, all proud and badass. He again accuses Jesse of having "no intention" of killing Gus, while at the same time Jesse fumes about Walt spying on him, especially after "everything I have done for you..." "Everything you've done for me?!" Walt snaps. "You've killed me! You signed my death warrant!" Oh, if only. Imagine Jesse hearing this from Walt, not a day after he laid his body down on train tracks for Mr. White. Walt continues ranting: Jesse wants some advice? Sure thing: "Go to Mexico and screw up like I know you will. And wind up in a barrel somewhere!" At this, Jesse whips the tracker at Walt's face, hitting him just above the eyebrow. HURT HIM, JESSE!

So now it's a brawl. Oh, Jesse, your poor apartment that you just got back to looking nice! Walt, as you might expect, fights like someone who has never fought before. Why is your finger in his MOUTH, Walter? But Jesse gets the upper hand, smacks him with a lamp, kicks his legs out so Walt comes crashing down on the coffee table, and finally begins pummeling Walter about the face. Both men end up on the floor. With Walt dripping blood, his glasses broken, his moccasins stained, we've arrived at the beginning of the episode. As Walt struggles to his feet, Jesse asks him if he can walk. Walt says he can. Jesse: "Then get the f*ck out of here and never come back." And so Walter White stumbles out, having successfully assholed his way out of the one relationship keeping him afloat in the business. Good call.

Joe R worries for Jesse in Mexico. He can be reached for lavish praise and nothing but at

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