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Bullet Points

That night, the Whites arrive at Hank and Marie's house, with Skyler taking deep, nervous breaths. Marie, as you can imagine, is thrilled to see them, and even Hank is putting on his best face for company. He does manage to stick in a few jabs about what a lousy cook Marie is, just in case we were worried about not being mad at him anymore. The ladies head for the kitchen, and Marie suggests Hank show the boys his "rock collection" (yeah, yeah, "mineral collection"). Junior does his best to sell the notion that a teenage boy would be interested in such a thing, and Hank shrugs off Walt's attempts to help wheel him down the hallway. Cut to Hank's room, where he's showing Junior a piece of manganese rock that has turned pink. Junior asks why pink, and Hank explains that the manganese oxidizes, like rust. Predictably, Walt jumps in from there, his pathological need to be the smartest guy in the room exhibiting itself once again. "Oxidation state" this, and "minus-seven, plus-two" that. Hank is visibly crestfallen that he's been out-nerded on his own pet hobby. Luckily, he's got a backup hobby, and he asks Junior to grab his case file. He explains that he's been consulting on a case, and he grabs a DVD out of the file. After confirming it's not "a dead body or anything" (you know, on Junior's behalf), Walt puts the DVD in, and he's greeted by something even more terrifying. In truth, it is a dead body; it's just that in this case, Gale Boetticher hasn't died yet. He's just performing the world's most embarrassing rendition of "Major Tom (Coming Home)" that has ever existed. Hank and Junior are howling, but Walt is frozen in place. Once again, Hank has found himself on the trail of Heisenberg, and the telltale corpse is singing off-key right in front of him. Junior asks who this guy is, and Hank answers that it's "Albuquerque's public enemy number one," strangely enough. ...Actually, after experiencing this performance, he may be right.

After the break, Skyler is following her script perfectly at dinner, having just finished her and Walter's tale of gambling and misery (and hundreds of thousands of dollars). Walt is doing a remarkable job of seeming shell-shocked, mostly because he IS shell-shocked by this Gale business. Hank's very non-skeptical reaction is more of a "Holy shit, Walt, I didn't think you had it in you." But the one reaction Skyler called to a T is Junior's, as he beams at his dad and calls him a "stud." He asks how much Walt won, and Skyler interrupts to say simply that it's enough -- after taxes OF COURSE -- to buy a car wash, and maybe a couple college educations. Yes, whoever ends up adopting Junior and Holly after Walt and Skyler are brutally murdered by the cartels will have quite the nest egg to provide for them with. Junior continues with his admiration for his dad, asking why he quit (your bitch mom, probably) and if he can get a car for his birthday. Okay, Junior, that adorbs smile you just flashed is going to keep me from yelling at you for that crap, but just barely. Walt speaks up now, and whether he's too frazzled to remember anything else he came up with, or else these are the only words from Skyler's speech he can latch onto, he looks downward and says he's "terribly, terribly ashamed" of what he's done. The table fails to burst into spontaneous sobs -- sorry, Skyler; no Oscar for you -- but they certainly aren't questioning Walt's penitence.

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