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Bullet Points

Speaking of Jesse, he's got a girl passed out in his bed upstairs, and he's headed out -- for work, I guess. He passes by Chatty Cathy on the couch, talking the ear off of some dude with mouth tattoos about full-body scanners. Jesse tries to drown Chatty out by blasting the music, but that doesn't work. Finally, he asks Chatty to make sure there's pizza here when he gets back, but he has to run upstairs to get money from his giant satchel of his cash that he keeps in a dresser drawer. When Mouth Tats sees the handful of cash Jesse returns with, his eyes go wide. Jesse doesn't much notice, because Jesse's not really in the business of noticing things these days.

After an afternoon at work -- where Walt noticed with increased paranoia that the security camera seems to be following Jesse exclusively -- Jesse returns home. He tosses some baggies of the blue stuff to his pizza-gorging subjects, heads upstairs, and sees that his sack of money is completely gone. And rather than flipping out and turning his houseguests upside down to find it, he simply flops onto his bed, and resumes a video game with this skanky girl in knee-socks he brought upstairs with him. Just completely dead.

After the commercial, Jesse gets a rather sudden awakening from a looming Mike. Seems while Jesse was snoozing, Mike was getting to the business of actually catching Mouth Tats with Jesse's sack o' cash. These are the benefits of being in cahoots with the guy staking out Jesse's house out front. In the plus column, Mike has cleared Jesse's house of its disgusting human vermin. In the minus column -- I guess -- is the fact that he and Stakeout have bound, gagged, and blindfolded Mouth Tats and are threatening to execute him right in front of Jesse. But the nihilism is strong in this one. Jesse steps over Mouth Tats, grabs his bag of money, and then heads back upstairs. "You want to know what's next for Little Miss Pissed-in-His-Pants?" Mike asks after him. Nope. He really doesn't. On top of what I think is his actual lack of giving a shit, Jesse also knows what Mike is up to, and he says so: "Is this the part where I'm supposed to beg you not to [kill him]?" Jesse asks if this is supposed to make him promise Mike that he'll straighten up and toe the line. If you're looking for next year's Emmy clip for Aaron Paul, I'm sure he'll have more climactic moments as the season goes on, but you can start here. Just complete wild-eyed emotional ruin, masking itself as sociopathy. Mike warns the little "shithead" that he's on thin ice, but Jesse just laughs. Right in his face, just laughs at him. "You ain't gonna smoke that dude in there," Jesse scoffs. Else why'd he blindfold the guy? He points his fingers to his temple with all the verge and intention of flipping the bird, then continues on upstairs, telling Mike to let himself out.

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