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Bullet Points

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Bullet Points

Poor Mike's ear looks like it's bandaged up with masking tape. That can't be healthy. This is what I notice as he meets with Gus in Gus's office. Mike says that Jesse has become "increasingly uncautious" and is essentially a risk they don't need to be taking. "I know that he and Walter come as a team and that Walter won't like it," Mike says. But it has to be done. Gus just looks silently back at Mike and considers.

Back at America's Meth Kitchen, Walt finishes mixing ingredients in the giant vat when he notices that Jesse still has not arrived. He calls Jesse but only gets his voicemail, which sets Walt's already elevated paranoia clean off the charts. He speeds to Jesse's house, leaving his third consecutive voicemail. Walt's concern is being masked real nicely as fury right now. He pounds on Jesse's door, gets no satisfaction, and ends up going through a window. Nobody's home. He heads upstairs and sees Jesse's empty bed. But when he places yet another phone call, he hears Jesse's phone vibrating on the nightstand. So Walt books it back to the lab, where he marches right up to the security camera, glowers his best glower, and bellows, "Where is he?!"

That question is answered, for us anyway, by a cut to Mike driving down the highway in the desert. We've been trained by the sepia tone to think this is Mexico, but maybe not yet. Jesse's in the passenger seat, staring out the window. Did he even put up a fight when Mike came to take him away to his likely death? Mike finally asks him, "You wanna ask where we're going?" Jesse: "Nope."

Joe R knows in his head that Jesse is probably not going to die. Still, YIPES. Please don't think less of him. He can be reached for lavish praise and nothing but at

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