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Take the Money and Run

Hank’s other big mistake is that he lets his Ahab shine through a bit too clearly, with lots of talk about Walt dying before Hank can take him down. So as much as Hank assures her that his top priority is to protect her, she can tell that his top priority is taking down Walt. She’s a means to an end. Shakily, she asks him if she should get a lawyer. He’s confused by this, and he gives her the classic cop’s case for why lawyers muck everything up and that they’re for guilty people and that she should trust that he has her best interests at heart. I think even he believes that’s true ("No one is more important to me than your sister," he says, with complete, teary-eyed honesty), but he’s certainly not being honest with her about how much she could be on the hook for. She’s right to want a lawyer. He’s right to want her statement before a lawyer can halt the process. They’re at an impasse. "It’s in your best interest," he tells her, "to get out there and show the world you have nothing to hide." I think it’s that "show the world" stuff that really freaks her out. With a statement out of the question for the moment, he instead says they should go pick up the kids, go back to his and Marie’s house, and then help each other "put that animal away." Skyler’s just scared out of her mind right now and when he gets up to lead her out, she asks him if she’s under arrest. At first, it seems like an extension of her worst-case-scenario fears -- that the day Walt got found out, she figured she’d be arrested too. But as Skyler keeps repeating it, "Am I under arrest?" over and over, louder and louder, it seems more and more like a defensive tactic. "Am I under arrest?! AM I UNDER ARREST?!" She’s not, of course, which means Hank can’t take her anywhere she doesn’t want to go. So she bolts out of the diner, breaking down in tears.

After the break, the comedy duo of Huell and Kuby show up at Walt and Skyler’s storage unit. You know, the one with the giant cube of money that Skyler has to spray for silverfish because apparently all of your stacks of cash are just CRAWLING with silverfish. They take turns marveling at the sheer amount of money, and then Huell -- unable to resist -- flops back-first onto the stack. Just try to imagine the dollar amount that would support a man of his size. Kuby gets all schoolmarm about how they have a job to do, but Huell eventually convinces him that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, so the redhead's soon on his back too. The cube barely moves. Huell’s like, "The Mexican border, all I’m saying." Red reminds him that Walt was able to take out 10 guys in prison in a matter of minutes. So, like, no.

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