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Take the Money and Run

Back at Better Call Saul, Walt is freaking out that he wasn’t able to get to Skyler before Hank did. Saul, meanwhile, is leaving voice mail messages for Jesse, telling him to get rid of his money somehow (uh: done), because "the monkey is in the banana patch." Also, I should note that Saul is wearing a very Marie ensemble of a purple shirt and a purple tie. Walt gets a call from Skyler, but Saul strenuously objects to him picking it up in case Hank’s got a wire tap. In fact, he gets Walt to take the battery out of his phone entirely. Saul tries to calm Walt down by saying that Skyler ultimately can’t give Hank anything more than hearsay about everything except the money and they’re currently taking care of the latter thing. But Walt objects to Saul categorizing this development as "nothing." Saul then verrrrrry gingerly broaches the subject of perhaps Walt sending Hank… away. "On a trip to… Belize?" Walt initially doesn’t get it. Saul, looking directly at the floor: "You know… where Mike went." Once Walt gets it, he is adamant: "Hank is FAMILY. Understand that?" Saul stammers his way out of the hole he just dug for himself, but it’s pretty funny watching Walt be this aghast at the idea that he resort to murder (and yet also interesting that taking out Hank is, at present, out of the question for him). "Send him to Belize," Walt says in exasperation. "I’ll send YOU to Belize."

Huell interrupts things with word that they’re back with the money. It’s in the back of a van, separated into about a half-dozen open plastic barrels. The tops are off, says Kuby, because he figures Walt would want to check to make sure it’s all there. Indeed, Walt inspects the cash and declares it "close enough," and between that and the look Huell and Kuby shoot each other, I’d guess they’ll be enjoying a few more steak dinners in the weeks and months to come. I like that Walt is just resigned to the idea that there’s gonna be some grift. It’s the grease on the wheels of the criminal industry. The guys offer to help Walt on the other end of the trip, lugging the barrels and such, but he turns them down. No use hiding money if these two lugs are gonna know where it is. He instead fills up a sack with cash, hands it to Saul and tells him to take his cut and the rest is Walt’s as "insurance." He then instructs Saul to find Jesse, and he’s off.

Cut to the blistering heat of the desert, where Walt is driving his van full of cash. He goes off-road, headed for the dusty isolation. He then grabs a pick and a shovel and gets to the business of digging a hole big enough to accommodate those six giant barrels. Walt, at least take off the Members Only jacket -- Jesus Christ.

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