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Take the Money and Run

After the break, Walt is still in the desert, still digging. The jacket's off now, and he's got some kind of bandana covering his head, but he's still in sleeves. I guess you’re balancing body temp issues with sun-exposure issues, but either way, I’m sweating vicariously. This continues well into the night, when Walt is finally able to unload his barrels and then begin the work of burying them. When THAT is finally done, he pulls out a GPS locator, devises his current coordinates, commits said coordinates to memory and then promptly smashes the unit with a rock.

Cut to Walt back at home, where he has committed those memorized coordinates to a lottery ticket and magnetted it to the fridge. I can’t possibly see how that doesn’t end in disaster, but a tip of the hat for being clever, I suppose. From down the hallway, Skyler hears Walt and calls out to him. There is an ocean of mistrust between them at the moment, with Walt assuming she went running to Hank and spilled the whole story. He just kind of trudges past her, into the bedroom and then into the bathroom, where he proceeds to run the shower and start disrobing. Skyler, meanwhile, intuits that he buried the money and then stresses that she told Hank nothing. Like a good wife waiting for her drug-lord husband to tell her she did a good job. Oh, Skyler. Walt strips into those signature tighty-whities we’ve all grown to dread, but before things can get any nakeder, he passes right the hell out, falling face-first onto the bathroom floor.

We time-lapse to the next morning, where we see that Skyler has put a blanket on Walt, a Band-Aid on his cuts and is working his forehead with a cool cloth. Just tending to her man. She’s Team Walt for sure by now. He wakes up and is informed that he was out for five hours. I guess she couldn’t well take him to the hospital and open him up to any kind of official inquiry. Her first question is about the cancer. Is it back? Is this the end? "Does that make you happy?" he asks. "I can’t remember the last time I was happy," she says. He tells her that he knows she made a deal with Hank and since this is the end for him, that’s fine. He says he will confess on one condition: that she keeps the money. She never gives it up. She passes it on to their kids. I wonder how that would possibly work. After Walt turns himself in, all their current assets will be seized, the car wash will become the government’s car wash. They’ll be broke, probably end up living with Hank and Marie (if Marie can abide it). Even if she can manage to dig up the money, she won’t be able to use it in any real way, not right under Hank’s nose. She’d have to end up moving the kids elsewhere, then returning for the money, all while somehow not arousing suspicion as the wife of a notorious drug lord. So… this isn’t going to work. There’s no way this ends without Skyler losing everything, money-wise. This is a pipe dream, and maybe it’s important to her to indulge Walt’s pipe dream. Or maybe it’s important to her to keep her own dream alive, however distorted it’s become, and try to ride out these accusations together. However unlikely it seems, if they can keep Hank from ever getting proof, the money, the house and the kids all stay put. They lose Hank and Marie, but maybe they’ve lost them already? I’m just trying to work through Skyler’s thought processes here, because the upshot is that Skyler has now decided to go back on everything she said she wanted -- the end of Walt; the end of living with the drug business -- and is throwing in with Walt for real. They’ll stonewall Hank together. Oh, she says it nicer. "Maybe our best move here is to stay quiet." But the implication is real. She’s cast her lot.

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