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With Landry outside, Jesse begins to make his case with some degree of vehemence, calling Landry a "whackjob" who killed a kid unnecessarily. Walt plays the devil's advocate, saying that while it didn't look like the kid understood what he was seeing, even the most innocuous mentioning of what he did see to anyone else could have Domino'd into something awful. Jesse's like, "Yeah, but we'll never know since Ricky Hitler there shot him." Jesse also brings up the faux-casual mention of his uncle's prison connections just now, calling it an intimidation tactic. Mike isn't overly concerned about the uncle, however. Walt finally lays out their options: fire Landry, kill Landry (at this, Jesse, bless his little heart, looks away, knowing he's not going to chase one murder with another) or keep Landry in the business, under their control. The last one is what Walt is advocating, and Mike agrees. Jesse hangs his head in defeat.

Mike heads to the other room to inform Landry of their decision. Landry is relieved, but he can't even get his thank yous out before Mike grabs him by the collar and shoves him against a locker: "The next time you bring a gun to a job without telling me, I will stick it up your ass sideways." Landry seems to get it. Of course, he then scampers out to his car, sits down in the driver's seat, and picks up the jar with the tarantula in it. His expression is inscrutable at first, but the faintest hint of a smile crosses his face before the scene cuts away. I really don't like that smile.

In the cold light of day, Gomie and some other cop are surveying Mike at the park, and apparently have been for a while now, as he relaxed on a bench and watches his granddaughter play. Their view is partially obscured by trash can, but otherwise, nothing suspicious is happening. Eventually, Mike writes something on a piece of paper and places it underneath the can. "It's a dead drop," says Gomie, as he watches Mike leave the park with Kaylee. There's nobody in sight coming for the note, and Gomez worries it could be hours before anyone does. So he risks blowing his cover and makes a quick dash for the can. When he gets there, he finds the note, which reads as follows: "F**k You." All appropriate blurring provided by AMC, but the sentiment? That's pure Ehrmantraut.

Mike's now at home, scanning through the recordings from the tap from Hank's office. He fast-forwards through some pretty funny drudgery -- HR headaches and misfiling and "Miracle Whip is not mayonnaise, okay?" (Okay, that last part is not funny but deadly serious. Quit it with the Miracle Whip, everybody.) Mike finally gets to the part where Gomez explains how Mike made their tail. Even pros make mistakes, Hank says, helpfully. "We'll just have to wait it out and be there when he does." Mike sighs loudly at this and can't help nodding at the eventuality that, yes, he will slip up one time and that will be it.

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