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At the Purple Palace, Skyler is visiting Marie and Holly and getting an update on the kids (Holly is an angel; Marie doesn't see much of Flynn). She asks Skyler how therapy is going, but that's pretty much a pretext for her to resume preaching the Gospel of Dave, the best shrink in the world. You think we'll be able to meet Dave before the series ends? Just in passing? Anyway, Skyler says that her (wholly fictitious) therapist, Peter, is pretty good! Marie says to "keep working through it," and Skyler starts to cry. It's to her credit that I'm not sure whether she's gaming Marie here or not; obviously, she's not telling Marie everything, and there's every chance she's trying to elicit the same sympathy Walt was with Hank last week; but I get the feeling she really might want to. "I need the kids to be safe," she says, but she also just wants to be with them. She hugs Holly closer. "Whatever I choose is wrong," she cries. Marie begs her sister to talk to her. "I know you think I have a big mouth sometimes, but if you felt you couldn't talk to me, I don't know what I'd do." Skyler wants to, but she's also scared to. Marie asks about "safe," and Skyler clarifies: "Safe from us." Marie reassures her she and Walt are not bad parents, but Skyler insists there are things, if Marie knew, she would never speak to her again. Marie of course thinks she knows what this is about, so she's like, "Try me," then finally, she takes the bull by the horns and tells Skyler she has to forgive herself for Ted. Skyler is taken aback; Walt TOLD her? Marie tries to make her feel better -- "You were having all these problems with Walt ... and Ted is a really good-looking man!" -- but Skyler's jaw is in the process of setting. Oblivious Marie is all, "Doesn't it feel good to get it off your chest?" Oh yeah. Skyler feels GREAT.

At this week's Tent House, Walt and Jesse take a break from the cook to watch a nicely informative program about caviar. When Jesse goes to turn the TV off, he changes the channel to the news, where quite conveniently there is a report about missing child Drew Sharp. Jesse sits down, his eyes welling up. Walt turns off the TV and puts on his Concerned Dad mask. He assures Jesse he hasn't been able to sleep the past few nights just thinking about it, but they finally have the chance to be completely self-sufficient now. No one to answer to anymore. In a year, year and a half, when they've cooked through all this methylamine and made their money, there will be time for soul-searching. But first they need to keep going and run the business their way, "and make sure something like this never happens again." Such twisted logic. Perpetuate the meth business to keep kids alive! White/Pinkman 2012!

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