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Walt offers to finish up by himself, and a teary Jesse accepts. Jesse heads upstairs to get his stuff, and when he comes down, on his way to the door, he passes Walt, already back to work inside the plastic bubble. He's whistling. Walt is. The guy who just said he hasn't slept in two nights fretting about the kid they killed is whistling. It nearly stops Jesse in his tracks. Guess they have pretty different ways of coping. Jesse's thoughts are interrupted by his phone buzzing; whoever it is, Jesse agrees to a meeting.

Later, Walt delivers the day's batch to the garage and finds Mike there, who figures they might as well "get this over with." They head to the back office, where Jesse is waiting. Mike says he and Jesse parked off-site, and Walt might consider doing the same. Which makes sense because Mike then informs Walt he's thrown three separate DEA tales just since this morning, and it's been happening for a while. Walt is freaked out and furious, and Mike is equally peeved that Walt thinks he would ever be so stupid as to lead the cops to them. As you might expect, both men get into a shouting match, with Walt yelling about their thousand gallons of stolen methylamine, and Mike being all, "Decades of professional experience says I know what the fuck I'm doing." Walt: "You know this can't continue, right?" Mike does, and that's why he's made his decision: he's out of the business. Walt is obviously not all that broken up about it, though he manages to be somewhat magnanimous in victory rather than rubbing it in Mike's face. After all, he's going to need Mike to pass on all his business acumen to Jesse.

Except ... about that. Mike and Jesse exchange looks and Jesse sheepishly pipes up in a voice that tells you he's been going through some stuff today and says he's out too. "I don't think I can do this anymore." Walt is less sanguine about this news. Through clenched teeth, Walt tells Jesse that, when cooked, that methylamine they stole is worth $300 million. "You're telling me you're willing to walk away from that?" At this, Mike pipes up: he said they're walking away from the meth, not the methylamine. The methylamine is community property, and as such, it will be divided three ways. Mike has a guy willing to pay $5 million each to him and Jesse for their 2/3 of the stuff. Mike even twists the knife a bit by pledging to keep paying those legacy costs that so vex Walt. Walt rounds on Mike, the usurper who has now stolen his son from him (it's a lot of kids for Walt to lose in two weeks). Jesse wants Walt to come in on the plan with them. Walt's of course free to hold on to his third and keep cooking, but ... oh, it's all over Jesse's face: he doesn't just want out of the business; he doesn't even JUST want WALT out of the business; he wants Walt, Mr. White, to WANT out of the business. He gets his answer when Walt rounds on him: "You're selling to my competitors?" At this, Mike rolls his eyes, all "Here we go," and says this guy is in Arizona, out of Walt's territory. "It's a big country, Walter." Walt hisses that Jesse would sell out for "pennies on the dollar." Jesse says $5 million is not pennies; it's more money than he's ever seen before. "And when it comes down to it, are we in the meth business or the money business?" Food for thought as we hit the break.

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