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Walt talks about his days as a research chemist, and how he and his partners founded the company back when they just had a few measly patents pending. After the falling out, he sold out to his partners for $5,000. He needed the money at the time. He makes Jesse guess how much it's worth today; Jesse guesses millions, but Walt snarls that it's now worth billions, with a B. $2.16 billion. He checks it every week, which can't come as a surprise to any of us. Walt's verbiage here is crucial: He sold his "potential," his kids' birthright for a couple of months' rent. That's what it's about, really. Walt thinks he sold his talents, his intelligence, his manly can-do American dream short all those years ago, and it's humiliated him ever since. He's not doing that again. He brings up Jesse's earlier question about whether they're in the meth business or the money business. "I'm in the empire business, he says, and takes a purposeful swig of his drink. Jesse lets that sit for a moment, and then asks: "Is a meth empire really something to be proud of?"

Suddenly, the door opens and Jesse scrambles out of his seat. It's Skyler, and Jesse thinks the jig is up. But Walt just glowers at her, and then kind of darkly chuckles to himself about how he doesn't have to hide anything anymore. He re-introduces his wife to Jesse with a kind of petulant pride. "Meet my best friend and drug-dealing partner, you powerless bitch." Jesse is polite as ever and makes to quietly take off, but Walt's in a mood to make everybody miserable, so he insists that Jesse stay for dinner, then insists to Skyler that it's okay if he does. Skyler balls up her rage into a tiny hissing breath and says, "Why not?" Walt, to Jesse: "See?"

Awkward Dinner ahoy! Jesse is going to town on a plate of green beans, and he enthuses about them to a nonplussed Skyler. Slivered almonds! Just like his mom made 'em! Finally, almost out of pity for Jesse more than anything, Skyler tells them the beans are from the deli ... at Albertson's. She then sips her GIGANTIC wine glass. I'd like to think Skyler opted for the biggest, most ostentatious wine glasses she could find, just as a tiny act of domestic rebellion. Anyway, so much for Jesse making conversation. Skyler pours the wine up to the top of her cavernous glass, as Jesse switches to babbling about disappointing food vis-a-vis the packaging. Why does microwave lasagna end up so scabby? Nothing. No response. He gulps his water and is like, "Yeah, it's bad."

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