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The second Mike leaves, of course, Walt is looking for an escape route. Anything he can find that could cut the cuffs. He spots the coffee pot which is two file cabinets over; he makes a valiant attempt to kick at the cabinets and jostle the pot over to him, but he ends up knocking it harmlessly across the room. Plan B: he takes the cord from the coffee maker and strips it down to the wires, frays them, then plugs it back in and touches the wires to each other until the sparks catch the plastic cuff on fire. So he's cooking his own wrist and has to wait for the plastic to melt, his wrist steadily blackening like codfish, until he's free. Then it's right over to the water cooler for some relief!

Turns out, Mike's other business was a meeting with Hank and Gomez at the police station. He's employing Saul for this task, which is a sweet little vote of confidence; maybe they can build a friendship out of this! Saul does what he does best: playing the part of the slickster attorney so genuinely that the cops have almost no defense against it. He calls this a DEA "persecution" of Mr. Ehrmantraut. He calls it disturbing and tells them that, try as they might to stalk their way into Mike's heart, "He's just not into you." He brings up the warrantless nature of the tail, and drops the name of a judge who might look on this kind of police action as "police harassment of a senior citizen" (to Mike: "Sorry"). As such, he's filed for a temporary restraining order, so Hank has no choice but to stop the tail. Boom! Goodman out!

Back in the car, Saul and Mike listen in on Hank and Gomie as they bemoan the judge and her temporary restraining order. Saul says it was a hell of a gamble. The temporary restraining order WILL get overturned, and when it does, Hank's "hard-on for you has now reached Uncle Miltie proportions." Charming as ever, Saul. Mike asks how big of a window it gives him, and Saul surmises about 24 hours. Mike says that's enough.

Of course, he says that just before returning to the garage and finding the methylamine gone. He storms into the office where Walt AND Jesse are. He shoves past Jesse, pulls out his gun, and sticks it to Walt's head. Jesse's yelling all the while that they've got a new plan. One in which he and Mike get their $5 million and Walt gets to keep the methylamine. Just hear him out! Mike: "Is that true, Walter?" Walt: "Everybody wins." I am almost positive that is the one outcome that WON'T happen.

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