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The One Who Knocks

Back at the laundromat, Walt and his lady migrant workers are emerging from the lab. He's kind of hilariously trying to evince some kind of camaraderie with them but they just take his money and laugh at him quietly. They're met by Tyrus, who is as unamused as ever. He says something to the ladies in Spanish and starts to lead them away. Walt wants to know what's up, so Tyrus tells him he's taking them to a bus, which will return them to their native Honduras. Walt gets upset and says Gus should blame him, not the ladies. Gus should out the blame on HIM. Tyrus fixes Walt with a look: "He does."

At the same diner as before, Mike and Jesse once again eat in mostly silence. Gus arrives, and Mike kindly asks Jesse to give them a minute. As they cross paths, Gus tells Jesse, "We won't be too long." Whoa, respect! A dangerous weapon, when used correctly. Mike explains to Gus -- and connects the dots for us -- that the crew who jacked the truck in the cold open gave the meth to Tucker and Screamy. This wasn't about profit, but a message: "┬┐Estas listo para platicar?", which Mike roughly translates to "Ready to talk?" Mike asks for permission to hire a ten-man crew to hit the cartel back hard, but Gus refuses, which Mike expected. Keep the war cold for now. And as for the message? Gus says to set up a meeting, see what they have to say. Gus asks how Jesse did, but we cut outside to Jesse before we hear Mike's answer. As Gus leaves, he addresses Jesse again: "I hear you can handle yourself." That's all, really. But as he goes to walk past, Jesse asks Gus why he chose him. Gus: "I like to think I see things in people." Damn it, they are playing Jesse just right.

Skyler returns home and sees the new car in the driveway. Inside, Walt is assuring Junior that the car isn't going anywhere. Skyler tries her best to keep upbeat and happy with Junior, who immediately starts defending the purchase -- "it gets great gas mileage!" -- and he's so adorable when he asks to drive the car just around the block. Which suits Skyler fine, since she'd rather have him out of the house for this talk she's about to have with Walt. Walt sets Holly down in between them - a defensive gesture if ever there was one. Walt begins an apology, but quickly downshifts into how he needs her to understand that she and the family are safe. "Everything that I do," he asserts, "I do it to protect this family." Skyler asks if buying the car was accomplishing that goal. Walt's like, okay, maybe the car is a little flashy, but Junior needed a car, and I'm his father and should be able to get him what he wants. Which is utter HORSESHIT. Junior didn't want the car until Walt started shoving bribery presents at him. Skyler says it goes back tomorrow, and Walt it will crush Junior. Skyler lets that particular bit of manipulation roll off, because she's more concerned with how the flashy car directly contradicts their story. It raises any number of red flags with the neighbors, much less Hank and Marie, or God forbid the IRS. "What were you thinking?!" Walt returns, "I was thinking that I wanted to do something nice for my son." Yeah, again nice try. But then Walt pulls out the big guns of assholery: "I just worry that he'll blame you for this." OHHHH, did that make me angry. Skyler doesn't even flinch, though, because she saw this coming. She has no doubt Junior will blame her. "Once again, he'll blame his bitch mother for taking away what his loving father has given him." But she's sticking by her guns on this one. And why? "Someone has to protect this family from the man who protects this family." BOOM.

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