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At the old folks' home, Tio Hector is watching Bridge on the River Kwai. Gus arrives, aggressively cheerful given the circumstances. He dangles Don Eladio's chain in front of his face. That's right, Hector. They're all dead. Gus lists the names of the capos he's killed. Tio shuts his eyes. Also, Gus continues, Tio's grandson, Joaquin, is also dead. You know who killed Joaquin? Gus turns Hector's chair to face Jesse, standing across the room. Tio's eyes flash a fiery recognition at Jesse. Gus continues to taunt Hector: "The Salamanca name dies with you." Tio now won't look at Gus, just staring at Jesse. "Look at me, Hector!" He won't. It's the one act of defiance he has left -- short of soiling himself, which I'm both surprised and grateful that he hasn't done. Gus stalks out, leaving Jesse to "whoa" at the intensity of it all.

Walt once again escorts Hank on a stakeout trip and unsuccessfully tries to dig for info on the shootout in Mexico. This time, however, Hank doesn't want to go to the chicken farm. He explains that he's dug up intel on this industrial laundry that he'd like to check out. At "industrial laundry," Walt begins shitting a brick. Hank explains about Madrigal Electromotive and how it ties together all of Gus's businesses, and the air filtration system, and Gale. Walt tries to talk Hank out of it, but Hank doesn't take him seriously, so Walt begins to panic. He needs to quickly think of a way to get out of this. He intentionally drives past the turn into the driveway, and Hank's like WTF is wrong with you? Walt pretends to be confused, then sees his opportunity as he screeches into a U-turn directly into the path of an oncoming car. CRUNCH. Well, it HAD been a while since that poor Aztek got totaled, right?

After the break, we see Skyler and Junior paying a visit to Hank, sharing some frozen yogurt with the poor neck-braced bastard. It's been a couple days since the crash. There's some funny, relaxed banter about the merits of frozen yogurt that really lands the idea that this could be a very normal, warm-hearted family if it weren't submerged into this dark, horrible drug story. The reason for that submergement shows up to pay his respects to Hank. Hank calls Walt "Mister Magoo" -- he's genial but there's a weary edge to his voice, like once again Walt's fraying personality fucked things up for him. Walt's face, by the way, is the Aztek of Season 4, constantly getting busted and re-busted. Walt apologizes for the car crash, saying the guy came out of nowhere. Hank plainly says no, he didn't, but is kind enough to chalk the whole event up to a "brain fart." Marie chimes in that, more importantly their "Hardy Boys routine" is over -- no more stakeouts. Junior pipes up that he'll take Hank on stakeouts, and Skyler's like, "Uh, no you won't." Hank says it's fine, since he broke down and ordered himself a "gimp-mobile." A car with hand-controls so he can drive himself around and "stop being such a damn burden to everyone." Aw, Hank. Skyler gets a phone call and retires to the living room, where there are even purple books on the shelves! Oh my God, Marie's design psychosis is so appealing to me. It's Saul on the phone, and of course Skyler can't talk, but she can listen. Saul says he's checked out Ted -- he neither owns a gun nor a panic button, so they're good to go. Ominous! Skyler says she doesn't want anyone hurt (!), but Saul assures her he has his "A Team" on it.

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