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One more thing, Walt says, still frantic as ever: Saul needs to call the DEA and tell them that Gus has a hit out on Hank. Saul refuses -- he's gotta go on living here. Walt screams that he has to -- Walt can't, they know his voice. He's begging; "My brother-in-law doesn't deserve to die because of this." Again, I do have to give Walt credit -- when it comes down to it, he's been very concerned about keeping people like Jesse and Hank safe. Saul agrees to call, but he won't say Gus, he'll just say the cartel is coming back to finish Hank off. Whatever works. Walt, full-on crying now, says he needs to go collect his family. Give him an hour, then make the call. Finally, he turns back: "Thank you, Saul."

Intense clubby music accompanies Walt as he arrives home and races right for the crawl space. He gets down, finds the garment bags, and grabs all the money they hold. He figures it out almost immediately. "Where's the rest??" he yells out into the universe, before repeating, "Not enough! Not enough!" Skyler arrives home and calls out for Walt. "What did that phone call mean?" she says, petrified. Interesting we never got to hear the companion call to the season's earlier panic dial. This time, Skyler got the tone right, it seems. Walt can't even think to ask anything but "WHERE'S THE MONEY?!" Skyler is so fucking freaked. The horrifying realization that her note just got called in: not only does she not have the money -- TED has it. FUCKING TED! All the implications of that wash over her at once, and it is horrible. It's also kind of hilarious, and I'm glad Walt thinks so, because after he's done screaming he just starts laughing. From his little crawlspace. The phone rings, and Marie leaves a message on the machine -- her tone fits the room. Crying and panicked, she says the DEA called with news that the cartel wants to kill Hank and agents are on the way. Walt's still laughing, Marie's crying ("When is this going to end?"), and amid all this, Skyler picks up the phone and tries to sound calm. "Marie, I'm here," she says. Crying and laughing everywhere, until Walt's all laughed out. And as the camera pulls back from Walt in the crawlspace, visible through that tiny square in the floor, he looks very much like a man in his tomb, ready to be sealed up.

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