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Whoever Did This

Back at the White residence, Walt's making with a little home chemistry. (And as somebody who has seen The Help, I am compelled to note that one of the ingredients is Crisco oil. Is there ANYTHING that stuff can't do?) On the stove sits a bubbling cauldron of something thick and gray and bad news. This doesn't have the jaunty music of Gale in the kitchen, but it's not bad. Walt checks his phone; Jesse's message reads: "I think I got his attention." Pleased, Walt experiments with a computer chip/battery remote trigger. He has to hit the switch about five times, but it eventually works, triggering a tiny explosion in the chip.

At the hospital parking garage, Gus and a goon exit their car. Cut to Jesse, looking in on the ICU from outside the door. Tyrus approaches and says Gus would like to speak to him. Jesse refuses to leave, but Tyrus says he's downstairs. I'm surprised he's not on the hospital board with an office on a high floor somewhere. No, they meet in the chapel, because why pass up an opportunity to watch criminals conduct their business in ironic settings. Gus is understanding of Jesse's situation, but he's running a business, and he needs him to complete the cook. Then he can return. Jesse says he can't. Brock is dying, and he can't be away if something happens. Gus is very sorry, and -- HE IS ON THE BOARD! He tells Jesse he can recommend doctors, get Brock the best treatment possible. But Jesse says he's not sick, he was poisoned. Gus asks how. He seems honestly thrown by this, though I could be wrong. He suddenly changes his tune and tells Jesse that, considering this current batch is surely ruined now, they'll scrap it, and Jesse can stay. He can start a new batch when he's ready to return, next week. What a great boss, you guys!

Back in the garage, Gus and company return to the car. But Gus's gears are already turning. We cut to Walt as he watches through binoculars from a building across the street. But Gus has definitely twigged to something. Is it quiet, too quiet? Whatever it is, Gus stops in his tracks. Walt, from afar, freaks out and keeps repeating, "Why are you stopping?" to himself, like a crazy person. Gus, as if he can hear Walt (he can't) looks out to the surrounding buildings. Walt ducks down, out of sight, but still, Gus knows something's up. Walt peeks out again, in time to see Gus lead his men away. At which point Walt melts down. "DON'T GO! NO!" Safe to say Walt's not laughing this time, as he collapses in exhaustion on the roof. Time for one more plan, it looks like.

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