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Smash cut to Hank at the station. Kind of a mean edit, at least as far as Marie is concerned. Tio is there with his bell and his nurse, and they get to spelling: "S-U-C-K M-Y" ... Hank, Gomez, and Merkert see where this is going and stop the nurse. Is that really all that Tio came down here for? Or does he want to try again? So he spells again: "F-U-C" And again, they get it. Well this was a waste of everyone's time! As they load Tio and his nurse into the elevator, Hank bright-sides, "Well, at least this time he didn't shit himself." But outside, we see the purpose of the visit, as Tyrus watches Tio get loaded into the van and calls up Gus. "We may have a problem."

Back at the home, Nurse LimePants is in NO mood to deal with Tio. She wheels him into his room to think about what he's done. When she's gone, Walt emerges from the bathroom. "Any second thoughts?" he asks. No bell. Okay! Let's get to work. Walt checks -- the coast is clear. Meanwhile, Tyrus pulls into the parking lot of Casa Tranquila (which I keep wanting to call Rancho Relaxo). He heads inside, stalks the halls, and finds Hector's room. With Hector looking on warily (but not ringing the bell), Tyrus scans the room for bugs, cameras, anything the DEA could have wired Tio with. He checks out the bathroom -- Walt's not in there. No, Walt is hiding outside the window, out of Tyrus's sight, but in full view of this one batty old bird with pink cat's-eye glasses who keeps saying "Hello! Hi!" to him. Tyrus, assuming it's another crazy at the home, doesn't investigate. When he's clear, Walt returns to his car and speeds off.

The cops come back and tell Jesse he's free to go. That tox screen came back with no evidence of ricin in Brock's system. Jesse tries to hide his surprise from the cops, who are super bitter and "'til we meet again" about it. Outside, Jesse tries to hail a cab and places a call to Andrea to check on Brock's condition. He's leaving a message as he walks past a minivan with its side-door open and hazards flashing. The driver makes like he's going to ask him for help, and in the half-second hesitation, Jesse gets a stun gun to the back and loaded into the van, just outside of police view which quickly drives away. Jesus, Jesse, arrange for your ride BEFORE you head out into the cruel, dangerous world!

Gus gets a call from Tyrus. Jesse has been picked up, and Tio's room is clean. Gus sighs and says he's on his way. Tyrus wonders if it'd be better if he took care of this himself. Gus is adamant, however: "I do this." He checks his camera feeds, unclips his tie, and gets dressed for business.

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