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From his parked car amid what looks like a mall parking lot, Walt listens to the radio. He gets a report of an explosion at Casa Tranquila which says that as many as three people may have been killed. Walt exhales and pulls out of the lot.

America's Meth Kitchen. Jesse's cooking at gunpoint. He eyes a giant screwdriver on the table, but before he can even contemplate how to use it, the guy guarding him tells him to not even think about it. Jesse continues to work as the buzzer rings. The guard makes Jesse handcuff himself to one of the vats as he answers. The hatch opens and Walt emerges from behind another flunky. All Jesse hears is the BANG BANG. Lord knows who this is and what it portends for him. He finally sees Walter, who drops the gun. He tells Jesse that Gus is dead, and they've got work to do. Gas masks on and mariachi music on the soundtrack, they flood the lab with everything they've got. All the tanks, all the jugs, all the barrels, all are emptied onto the floor. Walt affixes an exposed wire to some kind of gauge on the wall (thermostat?), and Walt and Jesse quickly doff their coveralls and exit. They emerge from the lab into the laundry and wipe their prints off everything. They pass all the workers, and Jesse pulls the fire alarm. Walt: "Vamanos!" Downstairs, the spark ignites, and the lab goes up in spectacular flames. The laundry starts filling up with smoke that is, like, DEADLY, and we see workers running around in it. Walt and Jesse don't seem too concerned as they stalk away slowly.

On the rooftop of the parking garage, Jesse meets Walt, after having checked up on Andrea and Brock. "He's gonna be okay," Jesse says tearfully. Walt exhales with genuine relief. wasn't ricin poisoning. Walt asks what it was. Jesse says they think it was most likely a flower called lily of the valley, which has edible-looking berries that will poison a kid. So Gus didn't poison him. He doesn't follow up on that thought, but after all the mentoring Gus did for him, you can imagine the thoughts in Jesse's head. At least he got to be locked up in the lab this time. Didn't have to pull any triggers. Jesse looks to Walt, the only mentor he's got left (until Mike returns from Mexico; which ... should be amazing), and asks for reassurance: "He had to go...right?" Walt: "Damn right. Gus had to go." Jesse should get back to the hospital. The two men shake hands, for what feels like the first time in forever. Inside the garage, you can hear tires screeching. Nothing comes of it, but this show has me so paranoid.

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