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Walt has about half a breakdown after Jesse leaves but composes himself. He calls Skyler, who is watching TV at Hank's house, with the family and the DEA all gathered around. Junior yells, "Tell him Uncle Hank was right!" Aw. She takes the call in the kitchen and tries to ask all the questions without actually asking them. How is he...doing? Oh, quite well! She tells him the news about Gus, then hesitates. "Do you know about this?" All Walt will say is that "It's over. We're safe." Skyler moves farther away. "...Was this you?" Were these the actions of The Man Who Knocks? She asks him what happened today. Walt: "I won." After he hangs up the phone, Walt scowls and drives off. He passes Gus's car that never blew up. Pollos air freshener hanging from the rearview.

As the season fades out, we get a cut to Walter's empty backyard. The song on the soundtrack sings "Until you travel to that place you can't come back..." And the camera pushes in on that potted plant. The one Walt's spinning gun finally landed on last week. I don't think we need the last push, the one that lets us read the little card sticking out of the dirt. The one that says it's a lily of the valley. I think we all figured that out half a second ago. And our jaws dropped. And if we hadn't already figured it out two seasons ago, now we all realize: Walter White is a ruthless, terrible, perhaps now irredeemable human being.

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