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Dead and Loving It

And then there's Walt -- alone at last. Having killed or pushed away everybody in his life. And now he's shot and likely dying, which is fine, because that'll get him before the cancer does. He wanders into the meth lab and surveys the operation. One last bout of professional curiosity, I guess. Cue the Badfinger song. Cue Walt's last appreciative glances at the true love of his life: methamphetamine production. By the time he collapses, he's left a bloody hand-print on the one metal vat and the police are almost there. The camera pulls back from a look at Walt's dead face. He did it. He beat everyone. He beat cancer. He beat the government. He beat 'em all. That corpse on the floor of a filthy warehouse in New Mexico is the picture of a winner. Goodbye, Walter White. Hopefully there isn't an afterlife that you will have to try and dominate like you did this one.

Joe R thanks everybody who read a recap or sent a piece of email. It's been almost too much fun. Please watch American Horror Story now. He can be reached for lavish praise and nothing but at

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