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Dead and Loving It

Then, Walt begins to tell Skyler what he did it all for and she's like, "If I have to hear one more time about the BS about doing it all for the family." At this, for once Walt tells the truth. It's the three lines of dialogue you've heard repeated all across the Internet this week. "I did it for me. I liked it. And I was really -- I was alive." So, yes, honesty, although (as per usual) honesty designed to get him what he wants. Skyler didn't want to hear it about how he's the selfless family man. He gave her the honesty she wanted so that she would be more amenable to doing things his way. She tells him to get out, since Flynn will be home soon. He gets her to let him see a sleeping Holly once more before he leaves. And then he does get out, without very much fanfare at all. He manages to evade detection by the idiot Feds assigned to watch Skyler's place. Bot Walt and the cops have equal and opposite views of Flynn as he steps off of the bus and sadly trudges home. Walt takes in one last look at his boy, and then the door closes on Walter White: Family Man forever.

After the break, it's time for the breakneck conclusion. And my heart is still beating fast from this thing, so pardon me if I don't stop to smell the roses. It's night, and Walt rolls up to the Uncle Nazi compound, where he's greeted by Herc, who has decided he's going to be extra obnoxious now that we're wrapping things up. Like, he hangs on the passenger-side window and pretends to make irritating small talk about cars when he's really just checking the car for weapons/funny stuff. Walt's apparently riding clean and he's ushered inside. Walt ignores Herc's instructions and just parks wherever he feels like, but Herc doesn't seem to think much of it. Idiot.

Herc then has Walt frisked, and while he doesn't have any weapons, they do take his car keys, including the unlocking fob that has gotten more air time than Marie this week. He even goes the extra mile to embarrass Walt by making him lift up his shirt to prove he's not wearing a wire. Inside, Uncle Jack wastes a lot of time talking about Walt's surprisingly lush head of hair. Walt wants to talk business, but Jack is just straight-up not interested. It's funny what a consistent runner Uncle Jack's lack of ambition has been. Starkly contrasted with Walt's (as well as Todd's) insane drive to succeed and advance, for sure. Walt brings up the methylamine shortfall, and Jack's like, "Eh. I'm sure Lydia will think of something."

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