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Dead and Loving It

Inside, once the gun has exhausted its bullet supply, Walt crawls off of Jesse, while Todd scrambles to check on Uncle Jack. He also peeks out the window to see just what army unleashed hell on them all. With Todd's back to him, Jesse takes his opportunity. He leaps at Todd and uses his own chains to relentlessly choke that stupid goddamn son of a bitching smug little shitbag to death. TO EFFING DEATH. Bye Todd. Bye! BYE! Sorry Jesse has to turn into an actual feral monster in order to bring about your well-deserved death, but oh well. Guess my fan-service needs got fulfilled tonight too. Walt just stands there and lets it happen, giving no indication whether he feels bad that his less reverent protégée is murdering his most fawning one. Walt is too busy finding a gun and making sure Jack is fully dead. He's not, and he even tries to bargain with Walt. He knows where all the other money barrels are, for instance. For once, greed is not a motivating factor for Walt. He has too little time left. (The irony is, he always had too little time left to worry about spending all that money. Better late than never on this realization?) He shoots Jack through the head before he can even make Walt an offer.

By this time, Jesse has finished Todd off and unlocked his chains. He stands up, and suddenly he and Walt are face-to-face again. There are a lot of words unspoken as they stare at each other. Walt ultimately takes his gun and slides it across the ground to Jesse. "Do it," he instructs. Jesse wants to. For Brock. For Andrea. For Jane. For Hank and Gomie. For himself. He points the gun right at Walt, but the instructions to pull the trigger, Walt telling him "You want this," are what ultimately hold him back. He makes Walt admit that this is what Walt wants, foremost. Walt does. At this, and at the sight of Walt's bullet wound to the abdomen, Jesse drops the gun. "Do it yourself," he spits.

After Jesse stomps out, Walt hears Todd's phone ringing. The ringtone? "Lydia the Tattooed Lady." Oh, Todd. You dead goddamn goober. Walt answers the phone, and once we see Lydia on the other end of the line, of course she looks like hell and is very sick. She doesn't catch on that it's Walt at first, which might be her illness interfering with -- again -- the fact that she's a total paranoid freak who takes no chances. So of course she is like, "Is he dead? Like I instructed? Because I instructed that you kill Walter White? I, Lydia Rodarte-Quayle did this, of sound mind and body. Which would give Walt a great excuse to murder me. Too bad he didn't know about it until well after our last meeting. Oh well. So, about you having killed Walt on my orders …" Walt finally lets her know it's him. Then he manages to make damn sure she knows that she is, in fact, suffering from ricin poisoning, and it's by his hand. He does this while semi-following Jesse to the parking lot. "Well," Walt closes, "goodbye, Lydia." He hands up and tosses the phone. One more look back from Jesse. A silent nod from Walt. Meant to indicate… what? His blessing? A tacit, "You're welcome for freeing you?" And Jesse returns it? I'm not sure what I wanted out of the resolution to Jesse and Walt's relationship. But twin nods of respect? Jesus Christ, man. I think this finale is overall very proficient and polished and satisfying on an elemental level, but what the fuck was that thing? Anyway. Jesse burns rubber, plows through the compound gate, and drives out of our lives and into Need For Speed. God bless, you broken, ruined, tiny man.

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