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The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

Over at the D.E.A., Hank is marveling at his cork board of supervillains, with photos of all members of the meth ring -- Gus Fring at the center -- and strings of yarn connecting the players to each other. Hank and Gomez are puzzling over some gap in the chain, between the Madrigal exec who killed himself (who Hank calls "Burgermeister Meisterburger," to my great delight) and the warehouse guy they just picked up. Hank floats Lydia as a possibility, because Hank is now plugged into this case like the precogs in Minority Report, but Gomie brushes her off as too uptight for the drug world. Their new supervisor comes in and Hank shows him the board. Mike's on there and pursuant to my wonderings of last week, Hank tells his new supervisor that they're working on getting surveillance on him. (Still, Mike should probably assume he's already being watched, right?) Hank is stymied by the fact that none of Mike's guys are talking, and between that and some reports of the blue meth hitting the streets again, they're thinking someone has started the operation again. Still a lot of unanswered questions. Supes asks Gomez to leave him and Hank alone, and then he offers Hank a promotion to a supervisory position himself. The caveat would be that all his active cases would be reassigned, the Fring operation included. Hank says that his wife would kill him if he said no, but while his words say that he definitely wants the promotion, his eyes never leave that corkboard for very long.

At the latest Pop-Up Meth Lab, Walt and Jesse are packing up from the cook and Walt asks if Jesse can finish up for him, as it's his birthday and he "probably [has] a birthday party waiting for me." Cut to Walt in the driveway of his home, looking around and seeing no cars parked on the street. No friends and family waiting inside to surprise him. Walt's done too many things for the sight of him crestfallen at not getting a surprise party to be total consolation, but it sure goes a long way. Walt makes his way into the kitchen and asks what's up, and Skyler tells him her grand birthday plan: Hank and Marie are coming over for dinner, plus that chocolate cake he's been angling for. She's on the comeback trail, guys.

Meanwhile, Hank and Marie are on their way over and despite the fact that Marie swore herself to secrecy last week about Skyler's affair with Ted Beneke, this IS Marie we're talking about. So she sighs pointedly until Hank asks her what's wrong and she's all "I can't tell you because I made a promise to your brother-in-law only it has to do with infidelity and you'll not get one more word out of me, you hear??" Of course, when Hank jumps to the false conclusion that it was Walt who cheated (that second cell-phone makes sense now!), Marie can't resist correcting him that it was Skyler who strayed. Like Fort Knox, that Marie.

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