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The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

After the break, Nervous Lydia is jittering around the warehouse, trying in vain to find the switch that opens one of the loading-dock doors. Once she does, she finds Jesse on the other side and even though he insists he's "the guy" Mike sent, Lydia stammers and demands that he tell her Mike's last name. I really feel like "Ehrmantraut" is having its moment in the sun this season. Anyway, Lydia's like, "Sorry, not sorry. For all I knew you were one of those undercover cops they send into high schools." HA! I'm really coming around on Lydia, you guys. She leads Jesse to the rack where the methylamine barrel sits on the top shelf. As Jesse operates the forklift to bring it down, however, Lydia spots something on the bottom of the barrel and freaks. Looks like something has been stuck with putty to the barrel.

Back at the White house, Skyler's skirt drip-dries while Walt tries to explain to Hank that he and Skyler have had their "issues" of late. Hank stops him, saying he knows about the... you know. He wonders what Walt's next move is here -- have Skyler talk to someone maybe? Marie's got a guy and look how great she's doing! Heh. "I just had no idea she was taking it this hard," Walt lies. Marie emerges from the bedroom, where Skyler is resting. After Hank disabuses her of the notion that Skyler was truly trying to commit suicide -- not in a pool with all of them there -- Marie gingerly broaches the topic of the "issues" between her and Skyler. Hank: "He knows I know." She then turns to Walt: this isn't unfixable. What would be great is if he and Skyler had space to work through this stuff. Marie proposes she and Hank take the kids for a while. Look after them for a day or two or "however long." Walt is very resistant to the idea, but Marie is more than happy to take it on. Hank thinks it's a good idea too, and Walt kind of knows he can't push back too hard. He does, however, ask Marie if this idea was hers originally? Actually, she says, it was Skyler's. "She really needs this, Walt."

Later, Walt enters the bedroom where we see the familiar sight of Skyler lying down, eyes open and facing away from Walt. He congratulates her bitterly -- "the kids are out of this environment" -- and tells her he knows she's awake. Skyler finally starts talking, saying that it isn't safe to have the kids here. Walt protests, seemingly sincerely, that it's never been safer. Skyler finds that hard to believe so soon after the events of last season, but Walt says it's different now: Walt's running things. "I keep the work at work," he assures her. Nothing will impact her and the kids. But Skyler knows he can't really promise that. He tells her that Gus was the threat, he was the danger. "I thought you were the danger," she says, sticking it to him a bit. Skyler all but admits that the pool stunt was a way to get the kids out of the house. Not just to protect them from Walt, though. There's blood on her hands too, what with Ted and all. Walt tells her she did what she had to do to protect her family. It doesn't make her a bad person. At this, she stands up and tells him to quit with the "bullshit rationales." She's in it now. Implicated up to her eyeballs. But she refuses to allow her kids to live in a house where "dealing drugs and hurting people and killing people is shrugged off as 'shit happens.'"

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