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The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

Walt is incredulous that she thinks she can keep them away for more than a day or two, but Skyler is adamant. She will NOT have them back home. Walt's face darkens at this and he asks her what she's going to do to stop it. There's some wheel-spinning on Skyler's part as she cycles through her options: maybe she hurts herself or otherwise shows Han and Marie that they're still struggling. Maybe she claims Walt beat her when he found out about Ted; maybe she sends Junior away to boarding school. Walt aggressively shoots those down as quickly as they come up. Skyler acting troubled only lets him put her in an institution; bringing Ted public only shames her as a whore in front of her children; and Junior is in no way going to agree to boarding school. He starts aggressively badgering her about this "joke" of an attempt to get their kids out of this "environment." "You wanna take me on?!" he demands. "WHAT'S THE PLAN?!" Finally, Skyler screams that she doesn't know. "I don't have any of your magic, Walt. I don't know what to do. I'm a coward." She says she can neither go to the police, nor stop laundering his money, nor do so much as keep him out of her bed. So what is she left with? She can wait. Hold on, bide her time... and wait. Walt, breaking his aggressive fa├žade for a moment, asks what she's waiting for. Skyler: "For the cancer to come back." KILLER scene from Anna Gunn there and a moment both triumphant (she's out of her funk!) and despairing (she's got no options!) for Skyler. And if you're STILL of the opinion that the actress or the character is a drag on this show, then I'm officially stopping efforts to understand you.

After the break, Rian Johnson treats us to the arty and ominous sight of Walt shaving his head. The ultra close-up of a trickle of blood against his stubble is very Dexter opening credits. At the breakfast table, he gets a phone call from someone who seems agitated. Walt says he's coming and then the camera cuts to a long shot where Walt sits alone at a table that just yesterday was bustling with children and family and bacon. Now he's alone with his cereal.

At the new business HQ, Jesse appears to have contracted some of Lydia's jumpiness, as he shows Mike and Walt camera photos of the DEA tracker stuck to the bottom of the methylamine barrel, which means they can't use Madrigal for their precursor hookup anymore. And, as Jesse helpfully points out, it's not like they have any other sources of methylamine they can tap. Mike tells him to calm down for a second. He's hung up on the shoddy police work of ham-fistedly slapping a tracker to the outside of a barrel instead of dropping one inside. After he gets Jesse to confirm that it was Lydia who spotted the tracker first, he kind of grimly smiles to himself. He thinks Lydia put a tracker on the barrel herself, so it would look like the DEA was onto her, so they would be forced to exempt her from future dealings. So Lydia's got to go. Mike kind of beats himself up for not taking care of her two episodes ago. "That's what I get for being sexist," he muses. Jesse -- not a huge fan of killing small kinks in the pipeline, all things considered -- tries to convince Mike that they need to just tell her to quit freaking out; their source of methylamine is too important to cut off just because she's acting crazy.

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