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Victor points his own gun at Walt, joined by Mike, who wants to know exactly what that was. "You might want to hold off," Walt says. No whimpering this time. The Heisenberg Mask of Intensity is back. Mike cocks the gun and asks why. "Because your boss is gonna need me. 6353 Juan Tabo, apartment 6." Mike's eyes go wide. Victor books out to his car. "Yeah," Walt punctuates.

Mike places a call to Gale, but Gale can't hear it over the noise of whatever unbearably lame thing he's currently listening to. Not only are the Chipmunks singing The Best of Edith Piaf (my best guess), but his kettle is also boiling. He grabs a gadget that's basically a radar gun that measures temperature and discovers that, in fact, this boiling kettle of water that is whistling is actually boiling. Seriously, I have to say it again: kudos to the Breaking Bad team for making Gale at once the most completely innocent and yet rage-inducingly pathetic creature in the universe. The phone's still buzzing, unheard. And there's a knock at his door.

Jesse stands there for a half a second before pulling out his gun. Gale catches his breath, then slowly moves backwards. As he promises Jesse can take whatever he wants, we get a POV shot from behind the kettle of boiling water. If only Gale can back up all the way to it! We've seen that in movies before, right? The ol' boiling-water-to-the-face gambit. How delightfully cruel to dangle this false hope not in front of Gale but in front of us. Gale offers Jesse money. He begs. He whimpers. He echoes one Walter White, the mentor he desperately wanted, the mentor he'll never have, the man who he has no idea sealed his fate. "You don't have to do this," he squeaks out as Jesse, red-eyed and terrified, points the gun right at his face.

Jesse holds the gun straight. It looks for a moment that he directs his aim a bit to the right, but on second look, it's an illusion. Jesse's not moving. WE are. The camera slides into the direct path of the gun. It's in OUR face. We're Gale. And that's when Jesse fires. BLACK.

And with that soul-ripper of a moment, we're done with Season 3. I don't know how this doesn't break Jesse completely in half, but I suppose we'll have to wait and see. I'm sure it'll be bleak and amazing, just like the show has been all season. See you then!

Joe R says Emmys for some! Miniature statues of Santa Muerta for others! But seriously, Aaron Paul, come on. He can be reached for lavish praise and nothing but at Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6Next

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