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Gliding Over All

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Gliding Over All

After a seamless cut to Walt sitting on another couch, in another home, this time suited up for a new cook, we get yet another meth montage. There has been way more montages per capita this season, yes? Anyway, this one is dedicated to Walt's new Czech venture. He cooks, Landry helps, Lydia sends his product out, Walt bundles up a lot of money. A LOT of money. All set to the customarily chirpy tune, this time the one-the-nose "Crystal Blue Persuasion" from the '60s. More money. More product. Skyler keeping the books while Walt dollies more cases of pop into her office at the car wash, which are, as you recall, the car wash's preferred method of smuggling cash. Walt walking around in broad daylight in his Heisenberg costume; making a payment to Saul; Saul looking not-untroubled by how much money is suddenly being thrown around. Bags of blue meth. Stacks of cash. Cases of soda. On and on, into infinity. Aerial shot across Albuquerque. Green-and-yellow striped tents popping up everywhere like McDonald's franchises.

At the Purple Palace, Skyler is walking Holly across that sweet, sweet shag, over to Flynn on the couch. Skyler is genuinely smiling and laughing as she tells Flynn he's really good with his sister. She asks Flynn to watch a movie, but he gets a call -- from a giiiirl, it seems, though he claims it's Louis -- and is out of the room like a typical teenager. Marie reflects the feeling in the room saying how good it is to see Skyler smiling and laughing again. Such an improvement, right? So Hank and Marie have been thinking maybe it's time Skyler and Walt took the kids home? Skyler can't really respond to this, so Marie just goes on. It's been almost three months, after all. Finally, Skyler starts to ask, "Does Hank not want...?" Marie's like, oh no! They love the kids and want to help, but "we're starting to worry that maybe we're enabling you." Maybe that's true, actually. Maybe having the kids there is keeping Skyler and Walt's conflict from coming to a head. Anyway. Marie continues to push therapy, but maybe at this point, the best way to repair the family would be to repair the family.

Later on, Skyler arrives at home, which is dark as ever. That glowing blue abyss is calling to her from the yard, but when she heads back, she sees Walt in a deck chair, staring into its shimmering reflection. She heads out and looks at him, desperate as ever. Strangely, he looks almost as desperate. She asks him to take a drive with her.

Skyler takes Walt to a storage facility, where Skyler opens their unit. Inside (once Walt has closed the door), a blanket covers a square surface about thigh high and the width of about two pool tables, side-by-side. She uncovers it to reveal a giant stack of cash, all bundled, somewhat messily piled into a cube. Walt is aghast, either at the amount of money or the fact that Skyler has it chilling here in a storage unit or both. "This is what you've been working for," she tells him. She started bringing it here when she gave up counting it; so much, so fast, no point. She tried weighing it, but there's a variety of denominations so who knows what the tonnage would signify. Walt finally asks, "How much is this?" Skyler: "I have no earthly idea." She says she just stacks it up, keeps it dry, sprays it for silverfish. It's more money than they can spend in ten lifetimes; more than can be laundered by 100 car washes. "I want my kids back," she finally tells him. I want my life back. Please tell me, how much is enough? How big does this pile have to be?"

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