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Gliding Over All

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Gliding Over All

Back at home, Skyler is washing the dishes when Walt comes in. He speaks to her in a soft voice, he turns off the water, and he says simply: "I'm out." They both look like they're about to cry, but there's no embrace. He leaves the kitchen and she looks out the window with hope for the first time in months. It's surely a sweet moment, but let's hold up a second. Walt's just... out? Sue me for being dubious, but how does THAT just happen? Sure, he's got the money, but he's in bed with Madrigal on a wildly lucrative scheme, exporting to the Czech Republic. As we saw when he maybe wanted to get out from the Fring operation, a gravy train like that doesn't just stop. Has he trained Landry well enough to replace him? I can't imagine he's picked it up this quickly. Not a dim bulb like that. I'm sure this will all be dealt with in the final eight episodes, but... I'm not fully buying such a tidy "I'm out." Not yet.

Time-lapse footage -- this show's second-favorite trope, just behind the montage with the faux-cheery music, just ahead of the POV shots from weird objects. Speaking of which, can I interest you in a POV shot from baby Holly's little plastic roll-around car? Flynn's pushing her in it around the backyard, as we see a reunited and happy Walt and Skyler celebrating with Hank and Marie. The family's back together! Of course, the air is positively thick with ominous doom, but they can't feel it. I keep expecting someone to take a sniper shot at Walt and hit Flynn instead, but that never happens. Just chitchat. Innocuous chitchat. One snippet of conversation involves Marie musing to Skyler that she was told to take prenatal vitamins to help with her hair, which I have to wonder is maybe foreshadowing a development for Marie in the final episodes? I need one more powerhouse Marie episode in the final eight, guys. That's all. After a bit on conversation that involves Hank considering brewing up a new batch of Schraderbrau, Hank takes a powder to go to the bathroom...

And it's a deuce! I'm impressed, Hank -- not too many people would take a shit while not on the home turf. And as one does while on the toilet, Hank begins to search for reading material. And what does he find? That copy of Leaves of Grass on the back of the toilet tank. After flipping through the pages, Hank settles on the title page, where there's an inscription: To my other favorite W.W. It's an honour working with you. Fondly, G.B. Hank flashes back to last season, the last time he saw a dedication to a W.W., in Gale Boeddicher's chemistry notebook. Maybe he remembers a moment of panic on Walt's face when he floated "Walter White" as a joke possibility back then. Maybe he remembers Walt showing him a place in the notebook where Gale had expressed an affinity for Walt Whitman. Maybe he remembers the way Gale's handwriting looked -- he certainly pored over Gale's materials enough. Maybe he's connecting the dots: the chemistry connection, Walt and Skyler's marital troubles, that second cell phone. Maybe he just figured it all out.

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