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The Great Escape

The next day, Todd is waiting at a restaurant to meet with Lydia. This scene is just chock-full of little touches that delight me. Starting with the fact that all the other meetings on this show seem to happen in diners, but this one is ever so slightly fancier, in keeping with Todd's feelings for this classy woman. Second is Todd's outfit: khakis and a blue button-down, like it's his day to go visit colleges with his parents. Lydia tries to do that thing that Mike didn't have time for, where she sits at the next table back-to-back with Todd for maximum clandestine appeal. Todd, of course, lets her do whatever she wants to do, and so we see what Mike saw; how stupid it would all look. Two people, carrying on conversations with nobody, until Todd turns fully around and is speaking over her shoulder, while she stares intently at her tea. What a couple of weirdos. The topic of conversation is Todd's late-night visit to scare Skyler into silence. He's like, "I think it was a very positive meeting." He's confident in Skyler's compliance. Lydia, as you might recall, is not a fan of leaving anything to chance, however. She does not like all these loose ends. I worry for a second this could mean she's going to start ordering the deaths of Skyler, Marie and the kids. Rather, it just seems like she's advocating cooling off the business arrangement for a while. Clearly, Todd would rather kill people. He protests that he's got the meth purity up to 92%, and blue besides, which his lady love finds very impressive. But the fact that he reached this milestone with Jesse as his slave only underlines the volatility of the arrangement for Lydia. "I just think we work together good," he doofs. "We make a good team. I think it's kind of… mutually good." She whispers "92%" to herself. He picks a stray hair off of her jacket. Good lord, if next week opens up with an explicit sex scene between these two, I don't even know.

Back to Walt, who has finally found his way out of New Mexico. Forster's devised method for ferrying Walt out of town? The empty tank of a propane truck. And given the fact that they drove all the way to snowy New Hampshire (the Granite State of the episode title), I can't imagine Walt's neck is anything but one big kink. Forster welcomes "Mr. Lambert" (Skyler's maiden name) to his new home.

After the break, Forster gives Walt the lay of the land in his manifesto-ready isolated cabin. He's got a month's worth of mostly canned food, a generator, a wood-burning oven and no TV reception. Just a short stack of old DVDs topped by Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium. Two copies. Like the cancer isn't bad enough? Forster, however, is seriously a hell of a guy. He offers to pick up movies on his next supply run. Walt grouses about how much these supply runs will cost him, but Forster explains that they're risk and he's already taking on heaps more risk with Walt than he's used to. Walt's the hottest client he's ever had, complete with a nationwide man-hunt and his face plastered all over TV. So no phones, no contact with the outside world, nothing. Walt, being Walt, begins to challenge him, asking what's to stop him from just leaving. Forster handles Walt better than anybody else on this show has handled Walt ever. Part of it is that Walt is weakened physically, and also weakened in terms of his power. But still, Forster doesn't argue with him, he doesn't display anger and he doesn't bargain. He simply says that Walt is free to do what he likes. Wander down the hill in the snow to the one-horse town below if he wishes. But he will get caught. And it'll be the last of Forster's supply visits, besides. "You paid good money for this," he tells Walt. Maybe this is just the place for Walt to rest up, think about things. "If you look around," he says. "It's kind of beautiful." Boom. Outta here. See you in a month.

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