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The Great Escape

Walt is bearded now, and his hair's grown out to match what he looks like in the flash-forward. The look completes when Forster lets Walt pick out a new pair of glasses. Forster brought him a few cases of Ensure to maybe get his weight up. The cancer is really taking its toll. Speaking of which, Forster has also been able to acquire chemo treatments to administer. This guy really is a full-service operation, is he not? He apologizes for "last time" and says he's since watched some YouTube videos that told him how to best find the vein. Walt decides to stick the needle in himself, but he's too weak to do it properly. They hang the chemo bag on the deer antlers, which is a nice touch. Forster packs up his shit to go, but Walt rather meekly begs him to stay a little longer. Just an hour. Maybe play some cards or something. Keep him company. He'll give him another $10,000. Oh, this is sad. "One of these days when you come up here," Walt says, "I'll be dead." He asks what will become of his money on that day. "What if I ask you to give it to my family? Would you do it." Forster gives Walt the best answer he can: "If I said yes, would you believe me?" Part of me feels like Walt wants to say yes, if only so he can die believing in a lie that comforts him. It's really all he realistically has left.

By nightfall, Forster is gone and Walt has pored through all his newspapers, cut out all the articles having to do with his case, and taped them to the wall. Perhaps just so he can feel of a type with all the master criminals he sees on TV. Walt tosses and turns on his little cot, and when he rolls over, his wedding ring falls off his increasingly slender fingers. So he finds a piece of string and fashions a necklace to keep his ring on him. Of course, now that he's awake, he looks across the room at the box full of Ensure and gets an idea. Coughing all the way, he empties the box and begins filling it with stacks of cash (he still doesn't seem to have made much of a dent in his barrel).

The next morning, with his parcel neatly wrapped in plain brown paper and tied up with some hemp, Walt finally ventures past the gate at the edge of his property. Walt's Headed To Town!

After the break, we see Walter Jr. (he's still going by "Flynn White" and still in the same school, FYI) get called out of class for a phone call from his Aunt Marie. Of course, when he gets to the phone in the principal's office, it's not Marie, but rather some bar wench in New Hampshire who Walt paid to help him get his son on the phone. He begs Flynn not to say anything, and Flynn complies. Walt immediately begins tearing up at the sound of his son's voice. He begins to monologue: "The things that they're saying about me… I did wrong… I made some terrible mistakes. The reasons were always… things happened that I never intended -- I NEVER intended!" He then gets to the meat of the call: Flynn's friend Louis Corbett -- does he still live at the same place? See, Louis is a good kid and will understand when Walt sends him a care package full of Ensure and $100,000 cash. He'll give the money to Flynn and not alert the authorities or anything like that.

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