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Green Light

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Joe R: A | 5 USERS: A+
Walt Gone Wild

Walt's driving when he hears a radio news report about Donald Margolis -- Jane's dad, the ATC responsible for the plane crash, maybe you've heard of him? -- who was reportedly rushed to the hospital today after a suicide attempt. Walt can't change the dial fast enough, which seems to indicate that Walt feels the guilt of that chain of horrors extending from Jane's death, even if some of this show's fans don't think he should. Walt starts breathing heavy, like he might be having a panic attack, as he pulls up to a red light. Suddenly, the car behind him pulls up along his driver's side and tosses a back of money though his open window. "Your half," says the same bagman who exchanged with Jesse, then speeds away. Walt collects the cash money that has spilled out of the bag until the car behind him starts honking at him. Walt's got the green light. He surely does.

Joe R is patiently waiting for life to throw a bag of money through his open window. He can be reached for lavish praise and nothing but at

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