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Out in the lot, Walt looks like he's about to regroup and storm the castle again, but up speeds Mike in his car, throws Walt in the back seat, and speeds away again. Cut to Saul's office, where Saul is lecturing Walt on being a bigger man about this whole thing. "It's a cruel world," he says. "Grow up." Walter will entertain no such notions. While Saul lectures Walt about maybe not attracting the attention of the authorities every day and a half, Walt turns and looks at Mike (who is, naturally, filling out a crossword puzzle and being so very over everything that's going on in the room). Walt may be acting out in childish ways, but he's certainly no dummy. He puts two and two together and figures Saul and Mike only knew he was going to be at Beneke because they bugged his house. Saul, ever the evolutionary being, quickly adopts a defensive approach: "Let's not get bogged down in the details," at first. Then, "You told me to keep tabs on your wife." Walt doesn't recall that. Saul, again, doesn't want to get lost in the logistics of this invasion of privacy. He'd rather focus on the "ironical silver lining," which is that Skyler, even when given an opportunity, didn't give Walt up to the cops. He doesn't bother explaining why Mike -- so quick on the trigger today at Beneke -- didn't exactly spring into action when Skyler sure seemed like she might turn Walt in, but let's not get bogged down in details ourselves. The point is that the Skyler threat appears neutralized. "I mean, sure," Saul says, "she might have snuck off the reservation to get some dirty, damp, and deep, but..."

It is at this point that Walt drags Saul across the desk and begins pummeling him. Mike, who looks more perturbed at the interruption of his crossword, saunters over to break up the scuffle. And he does so by picking Walt up by the collar of his shirt and the waist of his pants and launching him across the room like a bouncer at a cartoon bar. "YOU'RE FIRED!" Walt bellows at Saul. Saul's all "Boo-Hoo! Who needs ya?" He calls Walt a crybaby meth dealer and says he's halting the donations to the Save Walter White website, so good luck laundering that money. Walt wants the bugs out of his house, TODAY, so Mike follows him out.

At home, Mike digs the bug out while Walt tries to glower officiously from the sidelines. Mike is having none of this high-handing, by the way. Walt's all, "I want ALL of them out! You hear?" And Mike's like, "You're not that interesting to me." Zing. As Mike walks out to his car, afterward, Walt hectors him with immature (and laughably tone deaf) taunts about how Mike's in a disreputable line of work. NO REALLY HE SAID THAT! Mike glances at the ground, then, in a beautiful moment of playing exactly the right card while holding four better ones, informs Walt that maybe, just maybe, it's not such a bad idea to have someone watching your back. Walt scoffs at this, but as Mike rides off, we see just what he was looking at on the ground. A chalk rendering of a reaper's thresher, clearly left by Les Cousines Dangereuses. Who are artsier than one would expect, right? Anyway, Walt is oblivious (shocker) and stomps inside.

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